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Is living within the strictest rule set really living?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Many of us have a basic need to be in control! Many people don't want to be in subjection to someone else's watchful eye or judgmental regulations! This type of life is stressful especially when we fail and are subjected to the wrath or consequences of our failing to measure up to those other peoples standards.

There a few factors that can affect or minimize the affect that external stress factors have on us! The first best step is our personal response to the external factors in our life. How do we deal with the things we can't change so that there is change that removes the burdens that weigh us down. Our perspective on how we analyze our position in each circumstance is something that is in our control. Some people see themselves as victims and others will not be victims. Some see the circumstances that they encounter as inevitable recourse of failed actions or inactions while still others don't correlate circumstances with their actions.

The truth is that allowing ourselves to feel like a victim disables our ability to accept the opportunity to take control. Where as regardless of the reason, what we do from the point of realizing our situation is what will make the difference. How will we react to give us the best outcome should be our first best focus.

So what does all this have to do with living within the strictest set of rules and really living? When we are in charge of our own responses, we get to choose our stress levels and affecting any consequences that might come back at us. Are we the ones setting the consequences, are the consequences inherent to nature or physics or are the consequences dictated by governing bodies and groups that we are under submission to? Then according to each of these, how can we improve our perspectives to minimize stress and control our actions.

If we are the controlling force of our consequences, we get to choose whether we fail our selves and our goals as well as what we will do if we do fail. We also get to choose if we call it a failure or deem it a tolerable change in allowing ourselves to abide within our own restrictions.

When we understand that something is a law of physics or nature, it is easy to realize that we have to come into alignment with those ideas or things and that our first best action is to accept them and abide within them willingly. If we don't, trying to walk through a burning building might have some consequences that we'd rather not want to deal with.

When it comes to rules, regulations and laws, many people feel that it is easier to live in line with them to avert negative affects that come from failing to do so. But then there are those that just feel that not getting caught is the best recourse. Which ever philosophy one lives under is up to them. When you receive a ticket or get kicked out of an organized group for failing to abide by the rules is the price for the failure and that will be the circumstance that is given for those who don't meet the standards.

So what choice do we have to be able to really live? One option is to willingly and wantonly to learn to conform and abide within the restrictions that exist! This allows us not to stress about being in the situation we are in but puts us in the place and power to start taking control and moving toward productively doing what it is that we have decided for ourselves to take the best actions to live by. The other option is to let go and realize the consequences that will abound and then accept them when they come!

So when does the stress go away? When our lifestyle matches what we chose for ourselves! When we are no longer victims but take control of our destiny. When we decide that that is the way things work and it becomes our choice to accept it. When we have reached our goals and are holding the prize which is self-control and a new found peace. There will always be troubles in this world. What you decide to do in response will be what decides whether you survive, exist or live!
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