Organic Shoppers: Free Target Bags, Samples, &Coups this Sun 4/21

Friday, April 19, 2013

I am not a Target fan. I don't hate it. Just never have shopped there. But when I'm looking for something specific, and want to avoid Walmart like the plague it is (always - yes, please), I stop in.

Just so happens my local Target is a Super Target with groceries. I am in an area where there are none, or few, organics available. So I was pleasantly surprised when I recently went to Target on a search & find mission, and I stopped by their produce dept to scope it out for the first time, I found organic celery and apples. (They also have organic junk food such as chips - very important as it's the only way to get GMO free corn & tortilla chips for example.) They have a few more organic produce options, too; but the celery & apples really caught my eye as they are dirty dozen, so I do without and make other substitutions if I can't get organic.

This Sunday (April 21st) In honor of Earth Day, Target is giving away reusable bags at stores and coupon books that offer over $40 in savings on natural and organic brands.

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Read: be there at opening time.

Remember the number ONE very important MOST important thing of all, that we can do as consumers who demand organics and demand the end of Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) food contamination and RoundUp contamination of the earth, our farms, and our food supply, is to VOTE WITH OUR DOLLAR. We could end GM food literally overnight, if all of it began rotting on shelves tomorrow and no one would touch it at any price. IT IS UP TO US. We don't need legislation, repeals of legislation, rallies, marches, or protests: JUST VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLAR, buy organic, buy GMO free.

And if the opportunity to vote with your dollar comes with sales, samples, and coupons as THIS opportunity does, this is an even better opportunity to go vote.

If interested in more information about Target's special, click here:

I was not a Target fan. But methinks that may be changing . . .
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