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Busy Busy Bee

Thursday, April 18, 2013

SO many things have been going on lately.. running, wedding and health... I've been a busy busy bee.

About a month ago, I ran my first Rock N Roll race. For those who don't know.. RNR is a race series that travels from city to city. The course features local bands all along it- thus the Rock N Roll part. I ran in D.C. on 3/16. As far as the running goes.. that part was ok. I finished the half in 2:22- bum knee and all, running for 4 mins, walking for one, pretty much the whole course- until the last mile.. then I gunned it. But there were definitely some logistical aspects of the race that were really big problems.

#1- Not enough bathrooms. In the start corral, there were about 4 port-a-pots for each corral.. except that the WHOLE corral seemed to be in line. Took more than half an hour to get to the bathroom- I was a little worried I'd miss the start, but I managed to get in right as they were singing the national anthem. There was still a mile long line when I got out. Along the course, there were only a few port-o-pots at the beginning, then nothing for the rest of the race. I had to pee around mile 6.. yeah, I had to hold it.

#2- The finisher's shoot. SO chaotic- I didn't see them handing out the medals until I had almost passed them. Chocolate milk was one of the sponsors- All I could think was "I would KILL for chocolate milk right now". Only when I grabbed one- it was frozen! I couldn't drink it! I held on to it hoping it would thaw- but by the time it did, it was gross. I also grabbed a banana at the finish.. and it wasn't ripe enough- I had a heck of a time peeling it! When we reached the end of the finisher's chute, we were road blocked. There was a bottle-neck of people due to the positioning of the barricade gates- and then the spectators were crowding the exit waiting for their runners.. no one could get through. Imagine running 13.1 (or 26.2!) miles and all you want to do is sit down a minute and you can't move anywhere. Sucked! Eventually the staff managed to move the gates an yell at everyone to back up to let people out. Ugh.

#3 Bag check- OMG- this was the worst! Since the start line was not at the same location as the finish line, the bag check consisted of school buses. The concept was, find your bus, check your bags, then they bus all the bags to the finish- you find you bus and your bag again. Sounds simple right? You would think. First off.. the buses were organized by last name.. or rather the first three letters of your last name. It was very strange. And some buses broke up last names falling under the same letter (example BOY-CHA, CHE-DEC wtf?) So I found my bus and checked my bag ok. BUT at the finish line, the buses were parked in a small parking lot- some buses facing others. There was not enough room for everyone to line up to get their stuff. Lines started wrapping around each other and it was impossible to figure out which line was for which bus. I stood in the wrong line for 20 mins before I realized it. Then I moved to the correct line where I stood- not moving for at least another 30. WTF!? It took me an hour to get to the front- and I've never seen anything like it. People were holding up their bibs- and the volunteers in the buses were just grabbing random bags based on the numbers they saw (as opposed to a person waking to the bus, guy getting that person's bag, and continuing in an orderly fashion.) I felt like I was at an auction. It was ridiculous. Course I think my bus was the only one doing it this way- but it was still taking other buses 30-40 mins to get their stuff back. Unacceptable.

I was kind of surprised at the lack of organization for this race (and a guy in line with me for the bag check said it was worse last year!) RNR is a nationwide series that have been doing races for a long time. Even though this was only the second time the race came to D.C.. you would think they knew what they were doing.

SO there's that. I also helped out at an estate sale my family held at my grandmother's. When I was first asked to help out, I really didn't want to. But once I was there and things were hopping, I ended up enjoying myself. I got to hang out with my cousins that I never really see much, and I even found out one of them had just gotten engaged the night before (yay so exciting!) I enjoyed catching my cousins and aunts up on my wedding plans.. and we sold a lot! By the time I left we had a total over 6k... pretty good! It was a little sad seeing all my grandmother's stuff go (and boy did she have a lot of stuff!) but it was so nice to hear from people that they knew her and my grandfather, and remind us of what wonderful people they were :)

In other news.. if you have been paying attention to my status posts here on SP.. they you might be aware that I've been dealing with some anxiety issues. I really can't pin-point when they started.. except for it was sometime in January after my race. I started having some strange and un-nerving symptoms: I would randomly have a dizzy spell. I would feel restless and jittery, like I needed to move around. I had shortness of breath for two weeks, my abdomen would clench- like I was free falling. I would have GI issues including feeling slightly nauseous.. I would feel like my heart was pounding, or feel shaky- even though I really wasn't. I was having trouble concentrating on things because of the way I felt. It was horrible. Most of it came out of nowhere- although some of it did come on after I did certain things (talked about wedding finances, or worked in the lab at work) When I don't feel that way, everything's good and I can easily brush it off.. when I feel it though- it's the worst. All I want to do is curl up in a ball. I get this sense that something's wrong, or that something's going wrong and I'm helpless. I was looking up symptoms of anxiety and according to several sources- I have exhibited every single symptom of anxiety/panic attacks except for chest pain. SO I decided to do something about it. I looked up a counselor through my insurance website that deals with anxiety and I've started seeing her. Although she really doesn't do much but get me to talk about stuff- it feels good to get it out. She also recommended that I see an M.D. to rule out a medical condition. So I did that too.. I have a slip for bloodwork and have been banned from caffeine (of which, the coffee drinker in me is reeling!) She also recommended that I see a psychologist. She thinks that it's a long amount of time for me to suffer through the anxiety, but doesn't want to prescribe me anything before I'm properly evaluated. At first, I was kind of opposed to medication for this- I'm pretty picky with what I put in my body.. and I know that type of medication is habit forming.. but then the times where I'm having an attack, and I just can't fall asleep or make it go away.. I'd give anything for it to stop. So.. I figure I may give it a try. I'm just worried that as time ticks closer to my wedding in October- and things get more stressful- that by the time the wedding's here, I won't be able to come down, relax, and enjoy the moment. I don't want that.

Speaking of wedding.. things are coming along. I have a ton of appointments coming up in the next few days.. I meet with the decorating company tonight to go over some things I might like and find out how much it will cost. I have a florist appointment on Saturday and another one next Tuesday. I also have just confirmed a makeup/hair trial for May 5th.. so that's exciting.. and on May 9th I get to fly to FL to celebrate and attend my sister's wedding. Whew.. like I said, busy busy bee. We also have another wedding to go to at the end of May in NY. OH and I'm running my last half marathon for a while- Nike Women's in D.C. coming up on 4/28. In June, I'm running with my fiancé in a local 5k.. and I may do other 5k's here and there.. but not planning another half until after the wedding.. no time and no money :-p

So that's what's been going on with me.. and if you stuck through all that- kudos to you!!
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    Great blog and update. Definitely go see someone about that anxiety. You dont want it to get worse especcaily with the wedding coming up. Keep up all the good work!
    1857 days ago
    No wonder you have anxiety with all that going on! Remember to take time for yourself each day.
    1861 days ago
    I'm so sorry you're dealing with anxiety. That must be horrible. I was having the same sort of problems for a few months before I talked to Matt and spilled my guts about everything that was wrong with us. Since letting that out I have felt better. But I had many of those same symptoms. I had this terrifying feeling all day every day that something bad was about to happen. A constant worried knot in my stomach. Very unfun. Counselors are really great. I saw someone when I moved to Erie because the transition from a very small school to a much larger one caused me some issues and it felt good to talk about them and the counselor gave me a lot of good tips to get straightened out. Hope you feel better soon! And if you have time- ha- we can hang out anytime and you can talk to me also :) To be honest you didn't really seem like yourself the last time I saw you. I wondered if something was wrong.
    1862 days ago
    I've done a 10k that bottle-necked at the finish...I cannot imagine a 1/2 (or a marathon!)

    I'm a volunteer coordinator at a 5k & 10k this weekend. We always poll all the volunteers after the race and make a list of suggestions/compliments/improvement for next year. Make sure you voice your opinion, and tell your pals to do the same!

    those psych things are scary. I hate, hate, hate being out of control (which is why I rarely drink alcohol), so that feeling is just...UGH! Hope they find something to help. Have you asked about any holistic options?

    I broke the caffeine habit (if I ever really had one - not a coffee drinker) years ago because caffeine makes all those monthly issues worse. So I'd switch to caffeine free sodas for a week every 28 days. Then I decided to permanently switch to caffeine free sodas. Then it was caffeine free diet...and now those are maybe once or twice a week (at most).

    and if YOU stuck through all that...kudos right back atcha! emoticon
    1862 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/18/2013 11:25:55 AM
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