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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sun - Before church loaded the car with winter clothes on hangers and in trash bags. Church was really good. After church did errands, and stopped by Kmart which was on the way to other places, to check for black clearance shoes suitable for work. I found the work shoes were on sale, but had to buy 2 pair (BOGO50% off), like last summer. I didn't want to spend the $ at this time, but, it is better than paying full price later, so I got the shoes. I only needed one pair, and tried to go a different way, which didn't work, so I got the two pair. I did the best I could. After errands I eventually went to ministorage. Unloaded car of winter clothes and other stuff, but reloaded it with Spring & Summer clothes so I made another huge mess. Gone all day and got home 10pm. So late.

Mon - Plans to job hunt were blown out of the water by something else. Pre-empted by: Yes I procrastinated and waited til the last min to do taxes. Still have some parts of taxes yet to do. Mourned over Boston's tragedy. Unloaded car. Went to Life Group Mon night which was really good.

Tue - Finished last of unloading of the car. Sorted and put away clothes. Time flew before going to work at piddly pay job - got some tuna salad made and that was all I had time for, long list of stuff that was from Mon & forward, remained untouched.

Wed - Focused on list, but only made the beginnings of a dent before I had to leave to go to piddly pay job. How is it I can get soooooooo much done, in so short of a period of time (Sun-Wed), and still not have basic things and high priority things done? My biggest struggle with time management is that I always drastically underestimate how long everything takes. Wore one pair of my new shoes to work today to test them, while the purchase date is new and while I can still easily find the receipt in case they need to be returned. Some shoes hurt my feet AFTER I try them on in the store. Today's test run went well. Will test the other new pair this week also, then put both pair in ministorage this weekend.

Another picture of the purple trees in bloom, Eastern Redbuds, this one with a Tufted Titmouse.

So I have two days of work down, Tues & Wed done; and have two to go, Thurs & Fri. Will get as much done as I can before work, and work on the rest of the list this weekend and next week.

- Accept the things I cannot change
- Exercise courage to change the things I can
- Have the wisdom to know the difference

2 major time mgmt snafus this week: Not planning for seasonal clothes in the schedule, and not planning for taxes in the schedule. Neither one could wait.

Is there anything more beautiful than a purple redbud and white dogwood blooming near each other?

One time mgmt conflict I don't have a solution for, is I need to job hunt and cook mornings when my host family is not here. Both are highest priority, re, continuing on my SparkJourney via healthy food prep, AND, job hunting is also the highest priority. I still have vegetables in my car right now, that I purchased Sunday and had planned to peel, wash, cut, make salads etc with, on Mon. I will try working on that in the morning, IF they are still good . . . sigh. The cooler I keep in my car is wonderful but they don't last forever . . . it is definitely summer here. We had about 4 weeks of Spring.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with time mgmt issues.

White dogwood blossom closeup

Pink dogwood blossom closeup

I certainly will appreciate my apt all the more once I get one, after I get a job; and certainly will appreciate the ability to cook and use the kitchen anytime . . .

I am very blessed and will keep reminding myself of that, and keep counting my blessings.

White & pink dogwoods blooming together.

Speaking of blessings, the early bloom tree blossoms are all gone now, but I am soooooo enjoying the purple trees (redbud), the white dogwoods, and the pink dogwoods. Absolutely stunningly gorgeous. I'm enjoying the new green leaves of the cherry etc trees, as well.

Tulip trees are budding and will follow shortly:

Chinese magnolia, also known as Soulangiana, is also popularly known as the tulip tree and the saucer magnolia. There are also Japanese flowering magnolia trees that are called "Saucer Pink" and "Alexandrina" magnolias and grow to heights of 20-25 feet. So I guess the Tulip Trees are more correctly called magnolias.

Actually, there are many varieties of tulip magnolia trees, as shown here:

"Beauty is God's Handwriting.
Welcome it in every fair flower,
and thank God for it
as a cup of blessing."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Loved the pictures!! I have a white dogwood and a redbud by each other. Love them. I also have time management issues sometimes. Basically most of us have too much to do.
    1858 days ago
    Taxes are like Christmas . . . comes on the SAME DAY EVERY YEAR . . . HELLOOOOOO!!!! . . . no excuse . . . sigh.
    1859 days ago
    You are NOT the only one with time management difficulties, I am always out of day before I am anywhere near finished with all that needs to be done & just one little issue that comes up unexpectedly can throw off my schedule for weeks. It seems I am always playing catch-up!
    Thank you for these beautiful photos ... I do so miss the beauty of springtime blossoms, but here we have things like the return of the hibernating horned toads and nesting of the barn swallows. Not as pleasing to the eye, but just as amazing!
    1859 days ago
    Confirmed that you are not the only one with time management issues emoticon

    emoticon emoticon
    1859 days ago
    I am seeking God's mercy right now for a snarl I caused with poor planning.

    Thank you for the gift of beauty in my nervous day today. God has orchestrated such exquisite displays.....He is able to order my daily concerns also.

    Thank you for using your gift of writing to bless me. You are in my prayers.
    1859 days ago
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