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Juice fast day 6

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today I contemplated building a time machine to speed up time... Hehehe

Things got better later in the day when I lost myself in my writing and got back into my usual routine. I've opted to drink 3 juices a day instead of 4-5 smaller ones, because I'm bored of the taste of them. I spent some time calculating the calories and was surprised at how many calories and carbs there are in the fruit juices-45 per serving of green juice compared to 350 for mixed fruit and vegetable. Plus 80 carbs in the fruit juice. I'm going to save the fruits for the days I work out.

I lost 0.6 pounds today, which is fine, but considering how hard yesterday was, it was a bit deflating. I was also told by my doctor today that I have to stop my fast three weeks prior to my surgery in order to be checked properly for my pre-op tests. So that means I have to shorten my fast by 4 days :(

Other than wanting to lick the tv screen every time a commercial comes on, I feel really energized and happy. I've had more patience and sleep better, and I'm excited to get up an do things-though today I was stuck inside working.

I can't believe tomorrow is one week-I'm excited to see my total weight loss for the week when I step on the scale in the morning :)
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    2225 days ago
    Wow thanks Smex for all the great info, it's good to know there is some variation-and Cyn and the others for the encouragement. I feel great this morning and I'm going to chalk up the last couple days to period blues. Speaking of which Smex, I noticed mine was a lot easier than usual-no cramps and very little bloating.

    I was a bit bummed after talking to the doctor, because I thought I could carry on with the fast right up until a week before-but he insisted that I get back to eating solid food prior to my pre-op appointment. Now that I've had some time to think about it-it's not that bad. I will still juice two meals a day and eat a healthy dinner. For some reason in my kind when he told me that, I just had this image that I would immediately put all the weight back on and go back to feeling like garbage everyday-but I know those are just unrealistic fears.

    Day seven for me now!!! Yay!
    2227 days ago
    To lose .6 in a day is amazing! remember if you lose .6 everyday you would have lost 4.2 in a week! it adds up. So don't be discouraged. Also you HAVE to push waters and juices. You will have more success if you drink veggie based juices as your body won't get it's sugars spiked.

    Lets talk a bit about the science behind what Juicing does for us.

    Giving the body juices gives the body direct access to nutrients and put your digestive system to sleep.That gives the body the chance to use it's energy to heal other parts of the body. As I said, I consider the weight loss the bonus. So far, my glucose blood levels have returned to normal, my nails have become stronger, my eye lashes thicker and my PCOS ravaged body monthly cycle has corrected itself from a 36 day cycle to a NORMAL 29 day with normal flow!(and no cramps or pain)
    All my broken bones (was klutzy so I have a few) don't hurt as much with the changes of the weather- maybe it will correct that too?

    So if you add pulp, or solids to your juicing your digestive system awakens and the weight loss process will slow down.
    You have some options, you can add ground flax seeds, soaked chia seeds, ground hemp seeds or spiroulina. I eat about a quarter of a cup flax seeds every day for lunch, and about 2 tablespoons of soaked chia seeds. My weight loss ranges from .2 to 1.2 per day. I have had 2 days with no weight loss, and 2days with +2 and +4 gain. I weigh myself everyday to notice what my body does. My weight loss stalls or goes up if I have not pushed enough juices. So I just push them!

    Spice up your life. Make veggie broth with lots of your favorite herbs. It has been a life saver for me. Something about eating a warm liquid, is a reminder of love and safety for me. And I drink a lot of the broth too. LOL Drink Herbal teas. As much as you want. I put in some of them Monk Fruit in the raw to sweeten them up without spiking my blood sugars. And I put lemon in my water as I don't like the taste of water.

    Now, maybe your body needs more. Not everyone's body is made the same. If you go to rebootwithjoe.com and read the success stories you will see the variety of people's plans. Maybe you need to drink 2 meals and eat one. You still get all the benefits but its a possibility that your weight loss will slow down.

    I think you are doing awesome. If you are having scale issues maybe you shouldn't weigh yourself everyday. Don't be discouraged. The body needs to adjust. Give it a chance to do it's thing.

    Read this for the science of what goes behind the scenes to your body while juicing: http://www.timelessspirit.com/JAN08

    Here is a veggie substitution list to see if some other veggies will work better for you: http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/juicin
    How to soak chia seeds : http://roxanne459.hubpages.com/hub/

    And monk fruit sugar: http://www.intheraw.com/products/mo

    Here's talk about the protein issue while juicing : http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/protei

    And finally here is the link to the success stories on the reboot site:

    Hope these help, and I apologize about the long post. I had researched it so much before I started, because I wanted to be a success story and I want others to reap the benefits of this amazing program.
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    2227 days ago
    That's what I do RIKITT. I treat the fruit juice as a treat for after I exercise. Also, I do add some sort of protein source in order to slow down the absorption. Perhaps a bit of cottage cheese, egg white, protein powder. Not raw, not what I want to do, but I know that I have a problem with carbs, so I do it.

    congrats on the weight loss. You are doing great. emoticon
    2227 days ago
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    2227 days ago
  • TAI513
    Keep up the good work!
    2227 days ago
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    2227 days ago
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