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After the Storm...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Third times a charm (3rd blog for the day)...

It's all about balance and sanity my friends. I do sincerely appreciate all your support and comments. It makes me feel not so alone in this world where I am really on my own doing this parenting thing.

While my boss gave me the option to work from home - I sincerely could not do it - my mind is just too burnt ... so I will use vacation time for the past 2 days to cover my time off. I can't afford leave without pay right now.

There are a few hard things that happened today...

- I found out my raise is not what my boss requested ($1/hour but rather the 2.5% cost of living increase) - but I have a job and I am getting a raise
- I went to BBQ tonight and the critters we have around here (likely the squirrels) had chewed through the hose from the gas tank to the bbq - so no go on that
- and well - I am NOT AF - but I am OK with it too... I normally don't even post here about that because those who are not on the team (Cutting Down the Booze) don't always understand about this whole issue/concept...

I am retired to my room for the night - my quiet space and reflecting on the good that I was able to pull from the day...

I spoke to my youngest and had her come up with ideas to avoid this happening again. I also found a SP friend who might be available to drive her in should it happen again - although we setup a program that if she wants to earn money for a trip in June - this can't happen again. I am not going to change my work schedule after all - I asked my oldest to also pitch in and get up at 7:15 to make sure that her younger sister was up and moving to catch her bus for 7:30.

I did not attend the counseling session with my oldest as I'm just too emotionally drained... and need a bit of time out... I did speak with her counselor for some time and let out some of my frustrations and emotions.

My youngest did see the school counselor and he's re-opening her file... I did talk to her school teacher who will also follow-up on matters that I inquired about last week with regards to the gym teacher not believing my daughter's account of her results for a gym test. She was not aware and I had not heard back from the school's principal.

All in all - I got loads done... and today's dish... the stuffed green peppers (besides the burgers I was going to BBQ - which I ended up having to broil in the oven lol - me pre-cooking to have stuff ready ahead of time)...

Before above and the finished product below

Below is a pic of the stuffing from the chicken recipe I made - and used it the next day on top of rice fried up - added mushrooms... YUMM!!

And last but not least... the pet therapy tool we have - the little guy I got for the girls 3 years ago for Easter - our beloved rabbit... he cheers us up when we're down (and he sits by my chair while I pet him just like a little dog... love him dearly!!) Below is a pic of him an my oldest.

Balance in all things my friends... while I did not meet all my goals for the day - the unexpected events threw me for a bit of a loop... I was not AF... but I did get in 20mins of activity this morning and now in my room ready to retire and start a brand new day tomorrow!

Every day is a NEW Life my friends! I am never EVER going to give up!!
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