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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When a fibromyalgia flare hangs onto me for too long it simply drains me of energy. I go into a sort of automatic mode, where I do things but don't really feel I'm WITH the action. This goes for everything. Exercise, eating, meal preparation of course, and doing routines necessary to stay alive. I also take 2 or more hot showers a day and walk around my home wearing just a muumuu made of lightweight fabric. This is the longest flare I've had since 2004-6 when the flare was actually cancer pain that was heightened by the fms. A flare that would not go away.

My current one started this past fall. I'm trying hard to find ways to still exercise now that I no longer have the pool therapy that was my lifeline to normalcy, but it's been hard. Maybe even impossible. While I normally can be pretty positive and optimistic, on some days like today it's just beyond my reach. But I did one thing that lifted my spirtis, something that might help others who really struggle to stay positive: I simply went outside and sat in a rocking chair... doing absolutely nothing but enjoying the air, the sounds of birds, the rustle of a breeze in the branches of trees.

Being outdoors does wonders, even when a walk or other activity just is not possible. And sometimes going outside on a warm (not below 40 degrees) day just plain makes a great day even greater.
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