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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This morning's workout is kind of a blur by now. We were in teams of 3, with 2 people on either end of the room doing different exercises and the third person doing a traveling exercise. Then we rotated.

It's seriously a blur of mountain climbers, squat hops, a bazillion push-ups, tricep dips, broad jumps, jumping jacks, planks, traveling side planks, etc. I went in this morning telling myself not to let those negative thoughts get too far this time. Monday's workout was tough, and I could feel the negative thoughts weighing me down. I pushed through pretty good today.

I still struggle with trying to keep up with the other girls. During the broad jumps and traveling planks, I fall behind pretty quickly. I'm just not as fast and I'm carrying a lot more weight than they are. And when the girl at the other end of the room is waiting on me to get there so she can switch exercises, I just feel the pressure even more. There were a couple of times when I'd rush through the exercise just to relieve her. Maybe that's not the way to go. I really don't know.

Anyway, one of the exercises we had to do was hold a half-handstand against the wall until the other girl completed the traveling exercise. I did this last week and I couldn't believe I was able to do it! I was so scared of landing on my face, but I didn't. So when I had to do it again today, I knew I'd be OK. I just hoped I could hold it the whole time.

Eek! Super unflattering photo, but I'm pretty pumped about it, so I'm trying to ignore that part. haha

I wasn't able to hold it the whole 30 seconds or so, but I got about halfway and then went back up for a few seconds. After class, I asked a girl to take a photo of me because I was feeling pretty good at that point. This move kills my shoulders, and it's kinda tough to get back down from the wall, but I'm sure I'll get better with practice.
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