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Playing with the Inner Demons.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yeah, it’s funny but when it came up on my computer this am it struck a chord. I have a bunch of funny and motivational quotes that function as my screen saver here at work. Every once in a while one strikes me as very important for the day, this would be today.

During any change, the fight is between who we thought we WERE and who we want to BE. We talk about falling back into old habits, falling off the wagon, etc – I guess we become Gerald Ford (sorry, it was funny in my head). Falling and failing are two words I see every day in blogs and statuses. It’s actually kind of sad. Not because people are falling or failing, but because they really aren’t. Follow me here, I’ll try and explain.

Falling has a really bad connotation. It kind of implies getting hurt. It is painful. But falling also implies accidental, something that we had no control over. Oh no, some of you see where I’m going. We don’t fall off the wagon, at least I don’t. Every time I’ve done it I’ve JUMPED off, tucked and rolled into that landing. I’ve wiggled my little but back into that comfy habit. I didn’t fall into a bag of chips and have them crawl down my throat. Those cookies might have been making a siren’s call, but I walked into the kitchen, opened the pantry, taken out the bag, and CHOWED DOWN!

Failing has an even WORSE meaning. Here is the meaning if you Google it:
1. be unsuccessful: to be unsuccessful in trying to do something
2. be unable to do something: to be incapable of doing something or unwilling to do it
3. not pass exam or course: to fall short of the standard required to pass an examination, course, or piece of academic work
Synonyms: be unsuccessful, go pear-shaped, nose-dive, bomb, miss the mark, go belly up, flop, fall flat, come to nothing, and miscarry

Yeah team!! #2 is especially nice – being UNABLE. Wow – that really makes one want to keep going – NOT!

Ok, so what does this have to do with my cutesy little Goth quote? Well, just EVERYTHING! Those “bad” habits, those times we give up and give in to the old, easy, comfy way – those are your personal demons in this journey. Yes, my cookies should have horns and a little pitchfork (getting ideas for a Halloween treat – later).

I NEED to be on the same side as the demon. If I can work with it, I can control it. I controlled the Olive Garden demon last night – I was with him, right there at the table. And we worked together. Compromise. I got to have a yummy dinner but I had to go slow and be reasonable. By working with my demon I was able to control it.

Same thing for my steps last night. I have a bean bag chair that is SOOO comfy, just scooch my rump in there, lean back (yes it has a back) and it all forms around me like a big squishy hug. Once I’m in, that’s it done! My deal with demon chair was 10,000 steps (which is VERY do-able for me) and I could cuddle up in my chair and loose myself in a show. Making that deal with the demon got me up fast, steps finished faster, and right back to my comfy chair. Gypsy didn’t even know I was gone!!!

So I guess what I’m saying is learn to work with your “demons”, they are there for a reason. Yeah, some will have to go because they don’t play well with others but not all. Accept that you enjoy these things and make them work for you.

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