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Take Me Away....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I so wish I could escape here today... well my ultimate wish would be to live by a place like this to see it every single day!

Second blog today... Second day of challenges... At work not even an hour when my youngest calls to say she fell back asleep and missed her bus. I don't have other people who can bring her in ... so I had to bus back home (almost an hour) and drive her to school as I did not want her to miss (she had a test and I made an appointment for her to see the school counselor today - MUCH needed!!).

I spoke to my boss, who again is emoticon and he told me to work from home ... which I am (and so grateful for in that I can actually do this). I will however have to reconfigure my morning routine going forward which really upsets me because I really liked my early work hours of 7 to 3 as it allowed for me to be home by 4 (and I'm such an early riser by nature). My daughter takes the bus at 7:30 so now I have to make it so I am home and this does NOT happen again. When summer arrives I can switch back to my earlier shifts and on days that there are PD days or they are not in school for other reasons (class trip coming up).

It also means reconfiguring my whole body/system and routine ... I was so set in my pattern - 3:30am wake up - read, blog, email, Spark and workout - shower by 5 and out the door to catch the bus just before 6 to be at work just before 7.

Now the night's will have to be planned out as I won't be home early enough to make dinner - so it means more pre-planning - which will happen more next week.

The stressors don't stop with the kids either... Financially I receive support payments that are governed through the Family Responsibility Office and they switched their systems and I have yet to be paid for April (I usually one payment by the 5th and the other before the 10th). I count on this money to get me by!!

So today is going to be challenging to stay AF - because I am at home - because I have access - because I am very frustrated!!

I know that I have to hold it together 'for the kids' but when is MY time going to come!! Thus the 'take me away' theme... I do try to stay strong and positive - but this is becoming difficult with one hit after another lately. It seems every day I am dealing with something! I know 'this too shall pass'... and not soon enough for me...

On the positive side - I have a job, able to work from home and it's a beautiful sunshine day - and my lunchtime walk is going to be by the river .... and I'm home so I can fire up the BBQ for dinner. I still have my friend who texts me and kind of 'takes me away' as he makes me smile and think of other things outside of my parenting role.

No matter what the day brings - I know there will always be some GOOD in it... on some days we just have to work harder to see it.... but I'm going to emoticon
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  • AME4IT
    Even in a difficult, stressful time you are able to keep your head up and count the positives. I'm impressed and inspired.
    2317 days ago
    Good way to coun t your blessings, my friend.
    2318 days ago
    You are to be admired. Also fortunate to have such an understanding boss. The walk by the river sounds very relaxing. I think your handling everything well, your positive attitude will help you make it through these rough times. Hope you get your payments soon. Hang in there things will get better.

    2318 days ago
    you are extremely lucky to have an understanding boss. kids miss the bus now and then i wake my daughter up before i leave for work . she only missed a time or two then i made her go to bed a lot earlier because i told her she needed her sleep lol then no more missing the bus.
    2318 days ago
    I am grateful my DH can work from home in a inch too.

    You are wise to re-configure your schedule to make sure your DD gets off on time. I am sure that's annoying, but it is really a good idea.

    Sorry you've having trouble with your payments. Hope that gets taken care of quickly. Hard to depend on something then it doesn't materialize as it should!

    Proud of you. You made good choices today. Keep it up.

    Hugs and peace.
    2318 days ago
    Everything happens for a reason. The reason may not be apparent to you, but it is there. Who knows what kind of catastrophe could have been waiting for you in your expected routine. the Universe sent you on a journey today. It may not have been the journey you were expecting, but it is a journey you need to take. What lessons are you supposed to learn from it? Think of it that way and everything will be better in the end. Hugs,
    2318 days ago
    Wow! I am so sorry you had a rough day again today and glad your boss is so understanding. Keep seeking out your zen. I hope the day improves from here.
    2318 days ago
    Hang in there! The walk by the river sounds great and soothing. emoticon
    2318 days ago
    Aaaaaah, the prized ability to be able to work from home! Yay! And then a walk by the river, BBQ for dinner, time for your kids; sounds like your day has worked out once again. I am so impressed with how you take the biggest challenges and handle them and everything works out! I know things aren't perfect but you make them be the best you can and to me that's doing a doggoned fine job! Good for you!

    You're good, my friend, and I'm especially happy that you have a friend to chat with and to make you feel as special as you are! ((hugs))
    2318 days ago
    This sounds admittedly like a very stressful day (and a stressful life), You're doing the right thing by blogging out your frustrations instead of reaching for the drink of choice. Not only will be you be glad that you obtained, it will strengthen your resolve and make it easier to be AF in the future. emoticon
    2318 days ago
    Hang in there. Sounds like a bunch of challenges, but at the same time, you see all the good. Enjoy your walk!
    2318 days ago
    Give yourself the grace to have an "off" day, to recover from a mistake, to lose your way every once in a while, and to find your way back home.

    On any given day, we do our best based on where we are emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Yet we can do better. We can do better because we can learn from the things that have not worked in our life, and that learning process empowers us to grow so we can experience our full potential.

    You're awesome! Grill all of the crap out of your life tonight and show your daughter what 'CAN' looks like.
    2318 days ago
    Hang in there!! There is always some good to be found in every day. It's good that you can always find it.

    MMmm. You're gonna grill? Can I come over for dinner? emoticon
    2318 days ago
    Life is about compromise and adjustment. Do whatever it takes to find a new routine and make it work for you. When I am faced with those kind of situations, I count my blessings and thank God that I can work around them. So glad your employer is as flexible and supportive as he is. Some of us don't have those kind of bosses.
    2318 days ago
    You are an inspiration my dear! Have a great day. BBQ sounds great!
    bizi emoticon
    2318 days ago
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