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Stomach issues (kinda not a nice topic but need to post it anyway cuz it's frustrating)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So I apologize right off hand for the topic, I don't normally talk about stuff like this since its so private, but ima lil on the miserable side and I'm praying I'm not the only one that has had to deal with this.

So I've been pretty good for the past month about my diet/food choices, decent about the exercise (I still have a household to run so I'm slowly learning how to balance it)
Of course I haven't been perfect but it's a work in progress, with slow steps in the right direction. Trying to make the lifestyle change, not just be "on a diet"

But last night my stomach started to hurt, pretty uncomfortably. Not anything that would have me running toward the er but it still hurt like crap lol. It made it difficult to sleep. And I know what the problem is, it's been about a week since I have went to the bathroom. My stomach I so poked out that I look like I'm pregnant (I was fat anyway but this jus made it worse lol)

But the thing I can't figure out is why. With all of my better food choices logically I shouldn't have stomach issues. I keep my fiber intake up, I eat a nice green leafy salad every day, I measure out proper proportions, I drink at least eight glasses of water a day (most of the time it's twelve), I'm in Lo d with fruits and veggies, and even though I have upped my protein intake my diet isn't ALL protein I like to try and balance every thing
I'm eating smaller meals and its the six small meals spaced out thru the day.
The frustrating thing (besides the discomfort) is that I am a nurse, and I suggest things all day long to my patients to try, I've tried them all, but nothing, still same results. It's frustrating, my stomach should be Gettin better not worse.

It's jus so frustrating. Ugh and painful :/
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    Thanks sooooo much everyone for your wonderful responses, I love getting feedback from y'all. And update, my stomach is much better now :) yay for the modern medicine coupled with sit ups lol
    1887 days ago
    Sorry to hear about this. But anything you need to reachout to your SP friends and or need to vent about makes a great topic.

    I at times have similar problems, but usually after binging on something I shouldn't have. I also know that I am on quite a few medications plus an iron tablet that can cause constipation. At the worst I have had to use a fleets enema to get things started again.

    I don't like to be miserable and it sounds like you are the same. I hope this resolves for you quickly no matter how you choose to handle it.
    1887 days ago
    I know this is not what you want to hear but healthy fats. I have the exact same problem and the only thing that helps is to eat some fats. It sounds crazy but your body stll needs healthy fats to help with digestion. It is very aggravating to get on the scale and see it say you gained when you know it is because you have not been to the rest room in days. Good luck and go eat some fat. ha ha!
    1887 days ago

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    Kudos for you for bringing up a topic that few have the nerve to!

    I don't know how gradually you increased your fibre intake, but I found that my body needed to take it really, really slowly. I was on low-residue for over a year due to colon cancer surgery and chemo, and have had to increase by a couple of grams per week only. It has taken me six months to go from the low-residue up to my current 30-45g of fibre per day (yes, I know that's higher than normal, but that's where my redecorated plumbing works the best, and I've been working with my doc to figure that out).

    You know the drill of dropping to a BRAT diet for a few days, warm baths, gentle tummy massage, etc., which I'm just mentioning for the non-nurse readers of your blog. The two things that help me the most, though, are a few cups of coffee and a brisk walk.

    I've also found that my body works best by starting the day with a lot of soluble fibre (oats, oat bran, apples) and finishing the day with a lot of insoluble fibre (popcorn). After a lifetime of IBS, this combination has given me the most control and comfort ever. I can deal with fibre from grains either raw or cooked, but need most vegetables to be at least lightly steamed for my body not to be unhappy.

    I hope you get past the pain and back to normal very soon! Please consider slowing down the process of increasing your fibre again - if your body is like mine, it may take a few months, but it's worth the extra time to not go through this kind of pain and discomfort again.

    Best of health to you!
    1888 days ago
    That is really frustrating, and I feel your pain. I have had my share of stomach issues, and like you they all seemed to start after I lost some weight and got my eating under control. Through lots of trial and error (and these probably aren't new suggestions since you're a nurse!), what keeps me, ahem, going is:

    1) A probiotic EVERY DAY. My pharmacist friend says they do nothing, but all I know is I can "go" if I take one (Align is the most effective for me, but damn expensive), and I can't if I don't. And I don't think it's just a placebo effect because on days I forget to take it, I don't remember I forgot until I am wondering why I'm so constipated.

    2) A basically wheat-free diet. I will have wedding cake sometimes, or OCCASIONALLY a sandwich, but 98% of the time, I don't eat wheat. And I can definitely feel it if I do.

    3) Yoga, especially a practice with lots of twists.

    4) This is probably not a problem in your case, but I can't take NSAIDs anymore because they cause stomach ulcer pain. So bad I went to the ER twice before figuring out what the trigger was.

    I know the frustration you are going through. I sat on the couch and bawled like a baby til my husband thought I was, well, a little mental because there really is no worse feeling that not having "gone" for a week. Align seriously changed my life almost overnight. Probably none of this is new information to you, but I really hope you find relief! I'll be praying for your belly, as weird as that may be!
    1888 days ago
    I feel you. I had my digestive track working great, but then suddenly I tried a plant based diet for a week and a few days and it messed me up, unlike you I usually go every morning once per day, but when I got on the plant-based diet, I go every morning usually twice per day but lots of cramping and pain. the vegetables though good for us, cause pain in the stomache.

    1888 days ago
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