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Turning Down the Negative Noise-Snoopy Style

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I love that! Wouldn't it be great if everyone felt that way-but there are always the "Lucy's" out there....

Negative noise are small actions that distract you, stop you from being productive, and threaten to ruin your day. Most urgently, negative noise threatens to overwhelm all the positive encouragement in your life. But remember — it’s just noise. It’s meaningless dribble.

Here are some tips for dealing with the negative noise~

#1 Ignore the noise as much as possible. Whether it is someone in your life who sprouts negativity about your new healthy lifestyle or an anonymous commentor online, ignore them.

#2 Turn your anger into sympathy. Negative noise-makers can elicit a great deal of anger in the person on the receiving end — if you get angry, you are letting them win because they are sucking up you positivity. If you can, feel BAD for the person instead of being MAD at them.

#3 Don’t try to understand their motivations. See Rule #1 — just ignore them. There are LOADS of reasons why people behave like this, but truthfully — who cares to figure it out? Again, you are wasting your time by ruminating on it.

#4 Disengage.
Disengage yourself from the situation. Whether that means you have to disable commenting on your blog, dump a friend, or stop talking about your attempts to eat healthier, disengage so the negative comments cannot get to you.

#5 Spend your time wisely. Instead of spending your time on a negative person, talk to a positive person and encourage them.

#6 Realize that positivity ALWAYS trumps negativity.

#7- Always be kind & remember we all can change our attitudes...

Thanks for stopping by & remember you are someone special!

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