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The Best Medicine...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Funny how this photo came to me yesterday ... on a day where the stress, anxiety was so high. Exercise truly is a mood regulator. No matter how you are feeling - even if you DON'T feel like working out, you know if you push yourself you WILL feel better after.

I had to come home from work yesterday - not because I was 'physically' sick but because emotionally I reached a breaking point. My oldest daughter texted me to say "I know you won't be happy about this but I can't go to school - I'm too anxious - I just can't do it..." She has been missing too frequently for my liking and so she was right - I was upset. When I called her she was crying and it was because the pressure from the new 'FIRST' job was too much. Her first week she worked 32 hours and the boss was being very harsh/demanding - too much so I believe given this was her first job and first week. I also had the night before issues that came up with my youngest and notes from the teacher... I hung up the phone and just lost it - tears started rolling down ... I spoke to the attendance counselor and then just found that emotionally - I couldn't stay at work. I left to come home and spent the day here with my oldest. We talked and she called to quit the job and called back another place about possibly going to work there (where I told her to make it very clear she could only work 3 shifts per week max while in school).

I also spoke to her counselor and an appointment was made for us to go see her today at 5pm. My youngest - an appointment was made with her school counselor.

While I broke my AF streak yesterday - I managed the full day or 'storm' sober... and had a few at the end of it all and back to AF today.

I managed to get a bit of a workout in earlier in the day since I was home and that did feel great! I would have done more except I was dealing with phone calls and sorting out the matters at hand.

And so today I will begin my day with the best prescription ever... my morning workout. The sun is supposed to be out today so a walk at lunch too! Maybe we'll go for a family walk too after the counseling session... as my stepdaughter is also coming over tonight. Nothing better than to give ourselves all a good dose of the best medicine there is out there!!

Happy Wednesday all!
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