Becoming Bendy Day 4

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm skipping Day 3 because I didn't like the questions so on to day 4....

Mindful Knowing:

Weight Fixation

Definition: Being so focused on the number that pops up when you step on the scale that it interferes with your ability to stay consistent with your program and see the progress that you may in fact be making.

Undermining Thought: “If the number on the scale doesn’t move, all of my efforts this week were for nothing.”

Weight Fixation Quiz

1. I weigh myself more than once a day. No

2. I do not feel I am succeeding unless the number on the scale drops, even if I have experienced other noticeable improvements (such as increased energy, reduced anxiety, improved endurance, or better sleep and digestion). Yes/No

3. I get upset if I weigh myself on a different scale—at my doctor’s office, at the gym—and it shows that I’m heavier than on my scale at home. Yes

4. When my weight loss plateaus, I question whether or not I should continue with the program or quit altogether. No

5. I am not satisfied with losing only 1 to 2 pounds per week. Yes

6. I want to know the exact number of calories I burn during a workout. Yes/No

7. I often exercise until I “burn off” the calories I’ve eaten. Yes/No

8. If I miss a day of exercise, I do more exercise the next day to make up for it. Yes/No

9. I will choose a lower-calorie food over a higher-calorie food even if the lower-calorie choice is more processed and not as healthy. No

10. I believe I will be totally happy once I reach my goal weight. Yes

Wow this exercise was really eye opening for me. 8 months ago I probably would have answered yes to every single one of these questions. Taking this survey really made me realize how much progress I have made and I have to be incredibly proud of that. Some of the questions I chose both answers. For example, If I miss a day of workouts, I do more exercise the next day to make up for it. Absolutely positively something I use to do. I answered both yes and no because I still have those thoughts that this is what I "should" be doing but I've gotten really good at challenging those thoughts, being ok with what I did the day before, and doing a reasonable workout that I enjoy the next day - if I even decide to work out. I'm not saying that these items still aren't a struggle for me, but realizing how much progress I've made with most of these items over the past few months makes me very hopeful!

Clearly the biggest one that is still an issue for me is having that feeling that I won't be happy until I reach my goal weight. This has been a huge thought of mine for years and I recently started challenging this thought. I have the evidence that it's not true as I reached my goal weight in 2008 and I wasn't happy and ultimately gained everything back. Even though I have that experience, I still have the thought that it'll be different this time. So, this is definitely a key area of focus for me.

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