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Day 52: A very different journey this time!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I've recently been sharing about all my attempts in the past that did NOT work. I was playing a scale game. I wasn't sticking to the food plan. I thought I was serious, I wanted to be serious, I meant to be serious, but I never could stick to anything very long.

My HEAD knew how to do it and what needed to be done, but the rest of me could not get on board with it all. I tried EVERYTHING to make it happen, to no avail. "The results were nil until we let go absolutely." And this time, I let go absolutely. Finally.

Let go of what? you might ask. I let go of doing it my way and switching it up when I got bored or the scale wasn't giving me the fast results I wanted; I let go of life on my terms and letting the food plan go to heck when I was frustrated when life did its own thing; I let go of tomorrow--I focus ONLY on what I am going to do today in terms of the food; I let go of planning out how much weight i wanted to lose within what amount of time; I let go of so many things that were getting in my way of true happiness and serenity, and fully living each day.

And by letting go, my journey this time is VERY different. Oh let me count the ways!

1. The scale hasn't done the "bobbling" it used to do. I'm having a slow but CONSISTENT weight loss. This has NEVER happened to me before, not across 7 weeks!

2. I'm enjoying the journey. Before, it was always a short term project, and a lot of work and effort, and not really something I was enjoying. I put up with it as long as the scale was giving me results and since I knew it wasn't forever. Now, this is every day, one day at a time, and I am LIVING life along the way. It's NOT a race emoticon ; it's a journey emoticon .

3. I've never ever before IN MY ENTIRE LIFE stayed absolutely 100% faithful to a food plan/diet for 7 weeks without the tiniest "indiscretion". I'm not sure I've ever done that for ONE week, much less SEVEN!

4. Never before have I tracked absolutely everything I've eaten every single day for 7 weeks. I usually wouldn't track when I went off plan. This time, there is no going off plan. There is no "off plan." this is just simply how I eat. Period. And I measure and track. Period. And it works. And I don't worry about or even think about food in between meal times.

5. Never before have I had no struggle with food temptations. It's just not there now. Food is no longer my best friend, but it is also not my enemy. It has moved into its proper place in my life. And I have the serenity to prove it! LOL! emoticon

Anyway, life is good!

Oh, here's last week's food, once again coming in perfectly every day, day after day:

Loving every minute of every day, one day at a time! emoticon
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