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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I just have to blog about my little ego boost that occurred tonight.

I really wanted to go to the pool tonight but I had nobody to go with. So I ate my yummy chicken salad then did my strengths workout. I had bought a new pair of swimming shorts today ... Size L as the XL were just too big now. I tried them on with my togs and they looked great YUSS!!!

So I threw on my jeans and hoody and went to the pool alone. I worked harder than normal with no distractions, doing laps for an hour (very slow laps). Then I went to the spa for my wind down and treat. It was pretty crowded so I sat in the only spare spot between a couple and a single guy.

The guy started chatting to me and it was all very polite and friendly. After 20 minutes I said goodbye and went to shower. Eek I thought to myself ... He'll be checking out my body! Ah well ... When I walked out the front door he was standing there and he nervously asked me if I was single. I told him I was, and he asked me if we could swap numbers.

I agreed to take his number and told him I'm turning into a pool junkie so he'd most likely catch me here most evenings ... that was such an ego boost for me!

My my my ... Pool culture huh ... I get to trim down AND get opportunities to be sociable. That's a bit more spicy than walking to and from work everyday lol ...
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