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Hula hooping changed my life

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston you are in my prayers…

A year or so ago I made my very own hula hoop. I went out and got all the stuff I needed to make my very own hula hoop. Now, you are going to have to do some research if you plan on making one, but its fun, stress free, and its one hell of a work out if you keep up with it. Now, I’m not going to promise you a body shaped like mines after your first year of hula hooping, but I can assure you. With diet and exercise this will work its fun, energizing, and will improve your sex life (ladies). Other words just have fun with it don’t be afraid of the hula hoop. Give it a try.

When I was looking at old vlogs last night, I really started to see the progress unfold right before my eyes. I’m happy with my current weight status, and let me be truthful here. I was close to losing my mind a few hours ago, but I sat down and reviewed some old files, and when I saw how big I was when I started hula hooping I was shocked. Now, we all know that weight loss can be a very stressful thing, but the moment I took the stress out of this journey everything became systems go, and I had a little help from a great spark friend who knew what I was in need of. I was in need of a pick me up, and she did just that she picked me up. I will admit. I did let the hula hoop chill in the corner for a while, collecting dust and only touching it once every other week, and doing others things, but when I picked it up again, I decided I’ll hula hoop in heels just to see if I still had the magic touch of balance, and I did.

Now you all might find this funny, but I’ll hula hoop in my undee’s when the kids are gone to school. I would hula hoop in the nude, if I didn’t think my husband would rush me. LOL no just kidding –I just love hula hooping, and this is by far the best thing I’ve ever tried and I don’t think I’ll ever put the hula hoop down again. My husband said to me the other day, that’s your energy ring and also your thinking ring and not your thinking cap, because when I’m faced with a problem, I will pick it up put it around my waist and give it everything I got until I solve my problem. Hula hooping is fun creative and something I’ll never get enough of, and I just wanted to share my love for the hula hoop with everyone here on sparks –along with all the other sparks hula hoopers.

Warning… Do not hula hoop in heels if you’re not steady on your feet.
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