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How hard do you work at it?

Monday, April 15, 2013

As a lot of you know, my mind travels in multiple directions when I'm typing out my blogs...but I'm going to try to make everything coherent in this one!

How hard do you work at it? I am struggling BIG time with this question this week. I've been training for a 5k for about a month now and I've improved my time so much. Although I haven't been doing a lot of strength training like I probably should, I've been doing so much cardio with the training (3.1 miles at least every other day). My diet is healthy--it has actually always been pretty healthy, so it's hard to see weight loss from changing my diet.

I feel like I'm already at a plateau and I'm at the beginning of my weight loss journey! It's so frustrating to know I'm working so hard to see little results. This week I'm definitely adding more strength training to see if it helps. I also may not be eating enough either--I struggle with preparing meals.

Has anyone had this problem when they've started their weightloss journey? I'd like to know how others have been successful--what can I change to finally see some weight loss? Does it help to make sure you eat several small meals a day? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!


On a positive note and for motivation, I was inspired by a fellow spark friend with creating a list of "Skinny Fantasies", or things that I'm looking forward to when I lose the weight. Here's my list so far:

1. To do spontaneous physical challenges
2. To see the looks on faces of people I haven't seen in years
3. To play soccer again
4. To wear a bikini and not jiggle
5. To know that whatever I put on in the morning will look good
6. To not be afraid to go out with friends
7. To be able to feel good about being in photos
8. To not be scared of breaking things or not fitting in/on things because of my weight

What does your list look like?
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    I agree with the good advises above. Vegetarian diet can be calorie dense especially the beans and nuts and the beans are both a source of carbs and protein, so watch the portions. emoticon
    1890 days ago
  • JEM2929
    I love the skinny fantasy list! I can't offer much in the way of plateaus and how to break them because my track record shows that when I hit a plateau I usually give up and ruin all my hard work.

    I hope you kick your plateau in the butt sooner than later! I know you will, you are always so determined!
    1890 days ago
    Love your list! Clothes and feeling good in whatever I wear is a biggie for me!

    I've got some winter pounds I'm trying to shake off and am going to try some varying of food, undereating one day and regular eating. Sometimes doing this helps to bust a plateau, but one has to be wary not to stoke the hungry demons too much as that will backfire big time! bike yet?
    1891 days ago
    Hey all! Thanks for the responses!

    Well first of all, I definitely should have explained a little more about where I was when I decided I need to lose weight: I say I've been eating healthy, but you're right, HEALTHY4UNI, I haven't always...BUT...when I realized how much weight I had gained from eating bad foods, I changed my eating habits in a positive way. Unfortunately, I didn't LOSE weight by doing this, but I didn't gain any more either--hence the "plateau". And that was because of the lack of exercise. And this is where I decided to start the REAL journey.

    That is where I'm at now; I don't eat junk food, processed foods or meat. I actually eat a clean diet and juice at least once a day. I only eat organic produce and I'm trying to incorporate more raw fruits and veggies.

    So now you know my frustration when I finally added exercise and haven't seen as much change as expected. You are all right about the calorie tracking and really focusing on food for fuel. I need to do more of that! I don't think I'm getting enough nutrients or even enough calories (I'm SO busy, it's hard for me to prepare food and track).

    So my new goal will be focusing more on the food end of things and sticking to the exercise routine.

    Thank you all so much! The feedback and suggestions always help!

    1891 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    I know a majority of us have been at the plateau table!

    I totally agree on elimination as many processed foods as possible. I also looked at good calories and focused on that good fuel. I change up my strength routines and run training periodically as well.

    I also focus on stimulating my metabolism. I constantly educate myself on how to fuel, better training, and, most importantly, embracing the lifestyle. THIS is 24/7 for the rest of your life. There are no such things as breaks, quitting, and slacking! Funny thing is you enjoy life better when you do go all in!

    Stay strong and find resolution that will help you carry on!
    1892 days ago
    I exercise a lot, but if I don't track my food I don't lose weight. I plan my meals for the day in advance, so that I haven't spent my calorie allowance too early. I measure all my portions. I made a lot of changes to what I eat, not just how much. I added a lot more vegetables, so that I get plenty of food volume without a lot of extra calories.

    To lose weight, there has to be a calorie deficit between intake and expenditure. I would recommend that you take a close look at both sides of that equation, not just expenditure.
    1892 days ago
    Well first of all, you say that you've always eaten healthy. And you also say that your beginning a weight loss journey and struggling to loss and it seems that your major focus is on exercise! Ah, to me the presumption/assumption that it sounds like your making is that your nutrition has little or nothing to do with where you are! I personally can't say it does but what I can suggest that you take knowledgeable steps to be sure that what you are saying is correct. If you can't answer these questions, then I suggest you do some work to qualify your belief that nutritional modifications (apart from when you eat) has no part of your weight loss plan!
    1) How many calories do you consume each day, week month?
    2) How many calories does your body use each day?
    3) What is your Body Mass Index? (BMI)
    4) What is the ratio between Fats, Proteins and Carbs that you consume on a regular basis?
    5) Do you have any medical conditions that might affect you weight like Diabetes, Thyroid issues or several other conditions? (your body will be sensitive to some foods if you are causing weight gain)
    6) Do the foods you are eating contain processed foods, artificial ingredients, non-food additive live preservatives and modifiers?
    I'm not saying your diet isn't considered healthy when compared to the standard American diet but is it truly as healthy as it could be? What you have been doing has allowed you to get to where you are. Unless you and enough exercises to overcome the calories you're eating and unless you maintain that level of exercise once you lose the weight, it will just come back.

    You're best bet is to just go through the steps of tracking your meals for about a month and then determine if your diet is truly as healthy as you believe it to be! Read some or the nutritional articles and see what you find out.

    Go to the "Articles & Videos" tab above and then choose the Spark Diet button. Consider this; if you put effort into finding out if there is something your missing regarding your daily nutrition needs, it might save the wasted effort of hours exercising and finding out that that isn't working!

    I'm just trying to help since you asked! I'm not trying to be hard-nosed or harsh, but to me, it just sounds like the best route to get you to where you want to be!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1892 days ago
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