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Would someone slap me please?

Monday, April 15, 2013

I knew April was going to be one crazy month. And when I say "month" I usually mean all the weekends. The first weekend was a two day cheer comp, I ate badly....when I ate (coffee trumps food at these things), and last weekend was a two day field trip for the high school band. I ate badly, when I ate (coffee trumps at these things too! LOL)

So, it was NO surprise when I woke up this morning and had not lost weight. It was, however, very disappointing to see a gain of a few pounds. It's disappointing because I knew and I chose.....and I chose badly.


THIS weekend needs to be better. I have this mentality that because I'm away from home and I am away from structure that I can let go of everything. Calories don't count on a trip right? WRONG!!! lol

This weekend is a trip to Bakersfield which is about 5-8 hours away? something like that. Anyhow, it's another weekend of fast foods, traveling, coffee, and watching cheer.

Or in my (hopeful) case: Water and conscious effort!! I saw the gym at the last weekend's hotel and had a bottle of wine instead. Um, check to BAAAAAD. I ate fruit for breakfast: check to good...but then followed it coffee, muffin, taffy, bread bowl, and "other stuff", check to BAAAAAD.

Okay, there...posted and hold to accountability status.

The weekend itself was LONG. The kids were great but really hated the trip. I kind of don't blame them. They went to a University in Stockton and we got up at 4am to get there by 7am to perform by 7:30. Then we sat....and sat... and sat some more while people critiqued them and others performed and oh, did I mention we sat? Except for when we went to the cafeteria, where we sat and ate.

By 8 pm (yeah, long day) we were on the bus to "in & out burger) in Tracy and that was our dinner then over to San Ramon for a hotel.

Us chaperons stayed up to check on the kids (about 11:30) bottle of wine before we crashed for a couple of hours and were back up at 6 am.

Breakfast at hotel, then to Alcatraz in San Francisco (which the kids were NOT impressed with) and attempted Pier 39. Only some chaperons wanted to go in a different direction and others didn't want to relinquish control of the kids (they were allowed per teach) and the kids were miserable. Then the trip was cut short by 15 minutes (big deal to high schoolers) and we were back on the road again to home.

I think I probably had more fun with the other ladies than the kids did for the trip. We got to ride in a car (cool Mini cooper) and we laughed and told stories and discussed the move (one lady hasn't seen her hubby in 3 years as he has a job in Afghanistan) so we really had a lot to chat about. I told hubby that he and I would probably LOVE Alcatraz tour because it has this audio and preserves and blah blah, but was a little too boring and "educational" for the kids to be having fun on ..

Speaking of the trips, hubby hasn't heard back regarding the job in South Carolina yet. I decided to tell the girls as I didn't want them hearing it from the grapevine etc etc. Surprisingly the youngest not only took it well, but wants to move over with her Dad! Wow! Her thinking is "Well Mom, Dad and I will move over and if we don't like it I'd rather find out then move BACK to my friends then wait two years and try and MAKE friends" She's so smart sometimes. Ms. Kate was like "I'm not moving" which I explained to her we were staying here until she graduates in two years, to which she wants to paint the HOUSE pink. LOL I said "no" on that one. I love pink but really...one must show constraint. Moderation IS the key right? LOL My oldest, strangely, took it the hardest with "but I like Dad now" LOL I said "well, put that on your priority list of places to visit" She wants to visit every capital in America.

Hubby's STILL awaiting word on his authorization for surgery. His pre-op date is set for the 24th and surgery date the 29th. If this falls through, we may have to get the media involved as the military HATES negative publicity. It should not take seven YEARS to get an authorization. Imagine it like this (for those not quite understanding) You get hurt on the job. You see Drs and require surgery. Workers Comp says "sure" you wait, and they lose paperwork for referral to docs. You manually go to get paperwork and they say "no, wrong paper work, see L&I". You see L&I who look at you like you are stupid and wonder why you are in their office when clearly it's between the Doc and Worker's Comp people, Meanwhile you are still suffering with a broken back so you see doc and set up another surgery date because by now ALL the paperwork, X-rays and your medical records have "suddenly" been lost. Docs again call you to run more test and you get "Worker's comp still won't send referral" and this goes on and on for seven freaking years. THAT'S what the hub-bub is about when I rant about the military and his back. We've had the Pentagon involved and the Commanders. This is usually when things get moving only for the paperwork to "get lost" again. It's as if there's a b*tch there whose got a beef on his name or it's become a game to see how long they can drag this out. I don't know. It's very frustrating to say the least.

Well, I bought some Target running shoes for $20. They are now my gardening shoes and hopefully come payday I can get some GOOD running shoes. These babies kill my tendons in my arches the moment I put them on, so I'm not going to even attempt a run, That's not an excuse, I truly have no shoes...don't slap me yet!!! Anxious buggers :p

Well, I guess I should get hot on my algebra, English, and Women's Studies. Then I'll take the dogs for a walk since I'm not running...Then maybe pizza for lunch?

see, NOW, is when you "slap" me :p
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    1858 days ago
    Slap emoticon
    You crack me up. With every obstacle you find humor to get yourself through it. I've given you a cyber slap, but honestly, you don't deserve it. You're likely not doing as poorly as you think - and gaining a couple pounds while out of your routine/crazy schedule/etc...you're on it like white on rice. You're not going to let it spiral and you're still trying to make this healthy living thing work with everything else going on.

    1859 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/19/2013 5:33:18 PM
    Wow what an interesting blog....
    Makes me want to go visit Alcatraz.
    Makes me glad hubby was out of the military before I met him.
    Makes me grateful he wasn't hurt.
    God Bless, I'll keep in touch.

    1859 days ago
    April is a rough month for me, too, road-trip-wise... What is it about a road trip and food? I did make one discovery on my first road trip of the month... Wendy's has a salad that is really good and doesn't "eat up" all of my calorie allowance for the day. It has apples and bleu cheese and a grilled chicken breast in it.

    This weekend I am judging a cornbread cookoff at a folklife festival about 250 miles away. I wrote a cookbook called The Cornbread Bible so they asked me to judge their contest. I have two little girls, 7 & 9, and road trips require lots of stops and snacks.

    Another discovery on my last road trip was that I could substitute dried apricots for M&Ms and have the sugar buzz cravings taken care of.

    I hope your husband's paperwork gets straightened out soon.

    Thanks again for all of your encouragement!

    1860 days ago
  • SHOES17
    Nope You are human. Sometimes it is just an excuse, but sometimes its practical. Appropriate equipment can sometimes prevent an injury that will cost so much in money, health emoticon and time. Shoes are one those things. The wrong shoes can impact more than you realize Hang in there.
    Here is a link that will tell you why you need good shoes.

    1860 days ago
    Aw. take it easy on yourself honey!

    (Believe me, I should know! - the self-recrimination doesn't help much)

    I just opened my bleary eyes & noticed your brassiere planter - that's adorable! I wonder if my hubby will go on strike if I plant flowers in the two toilets we've had to replace this winter?? The classic redneck planters!
    1861 days ago
    Maybe instead of focusing on the negative, you focus on the positive?
    You had an awesome time, saw places and hung out in a cool car with some cool ladies! Your weight gain is probably water weight anyway and if you go back to eating clean they will drop off in no time!
    Next weekend just focus on pushing more waters, and since you know ahead of time that it won't be the best situation for your body, just go with the flow, and enjoy the trip :D

    Workers comp cases suck in general- they treat you like a number and not the human being that you are. And yes, I have heard that when you are in the military it gets exponentially worse! Hang in there- eventually things get better ( My workers comp case lasted 11 years and was not in the military)

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1861 days ago
    I must be feeding off your vibe because while I'm eatting "alright" I haven't gotten to the gym. Going today though!! I broke down and told Sammy....I told her that you still don't have the "forsure" on the move but that it might happen. She of course is excited at the thought of you guys being so close and the chance to spend time at a different beach then the one we go to each year. My little beach bunny is what she would be if I let her. LOL

    Are you staying away this weekend or just gone for the day? If you are at a hotel bring healthy snacks with you and keep them in the mini fridge that is usually in the room. Bring your water and stay away from the coffee! "Step away from the coffee" LOL
    1861 days ago
    hahahhaha I really enjoyed reading your blog and the comments too.
    Gotta say I love your wallpaper/background whatever that is called. I could try to make planters like that but my girls would probably be embarrrassed by their crazy mom. I once had a banner made for my bday, created from bras, each one an embellished work of art from one friend. It was hilarious!
    I'm surprised the kids didn't enjoy Alcatraz--my kids loved it and have returned as young adults.
    Tks for adding some joy to my day,
    1862 days ago
    pow..i wrote a whole book and the computer dissed me get those dr scholls insoles from the stand where they tell you whic ones almost that are the best for your feet..never pay low price for running shoes..i always ran in adidas larger toe box..take the inserts to try on shoes make sure your heel fits in the back and doesn't cover the ankle bones those ankle bones getting rubbed constantly hurt..if you can find them tie on the side no tongue those are supremo shoes they are around i have a custom made pair no more sores on the top of my feet yu don't want them overly tight your feet have to breath and have circulation to feel good..those vintage nikes look cute but only on project runway or on mall walkers feet
    the lady mary
    1862 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    In-n-Out Burger...oh, I'm jealous. Now I'm drooling. That was my favorite part of living in Sacramento!
    OK, maybe not my favorite, but it was up there in the top 5!
    emoticon It was the fries that I loved so very much...

    OK, pulling it together. Pizza for lunch - SLAP!!!

    1862 days ago
    I'm glad your trips were so fun and successful. Now just get back to "normal". Just start exercising again and quit eating junk. =)
    1863 days ago
    Your trips sound like a lot of fun overall --- but W A Y too busy for me to cope with now. By the second day I would be yawning and falling asleep.
    1863 days ago
  • ARW715
    **SLAP** :)

    Sounds like a fun time. I remember band trips as a students, my kids aren't old enough yet for me to go as an adult. I am looking forward to it though.

    1863 days ago
  • LYNSEY723
    Wow - busy busy!! Good to hear that the girls handled the job thing better than expected!! Good luck keeping up with the crazy busy month!!!
    1863 days ago
    No slap emoticons so a emoticon in the arse will have to do!

    I know how hard it is to eat at that kind of stuff. Add to that the fact that you are not fully in control of WHERE you eat, and it can get bad. But you know you can make better choices and I'm hoping you will. If you have to, look up the calories in some of the "quickie" foods and wine. Then figure out how many minutes you have to run to burn it off. THAT is always an eye opener for me (there is NO food worth an hour of running!).

    I hope you find a shoe soon. I'm still fighting with it myself. I have an OK pair, but nothing to write home about.

    And yes, if the DOD doesn't get your hubby's surgery done, the media will! emoticon
    1863 days ago
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