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Ran 10 miles yesterday!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Monday!!!! Yay! Well I think it's going to be a busy week at work, stupid work. I'm not excited about it at all lately, things just aren't going my way. Whatever, it's been 5 years and barely anything here has gone my way.

Whatever, screw work! I had a great weekend! For once I didn't have anything planned. No events, no dates, no obligations etc.. it was great! The goal for this weekend was to eat healthy/within my WW points. Since I missed my Thursday run because I hit up a wonderful Happy hour with one of my friends, I made myself run those 3 miles after work on Friday. I did intervals for 1.5 miles and ran the rest for what MIGHT be a PR on the treadmill of 35:38.

On Friday night I relaxed and did nothing. I ended up catching up on some shows, doing my scrapbooking online and had a glass of wine with sir Josh. The wine was blackberry wine that we got for $5. It was terrible, too sweet for me and just tasted like juice haha. Josh loved it, weirdo. It also made me SUPER sleepy so I was almost dozing off in my computer chair a few times. For dinner I made an AMAZING breakfast bake. Not the healthiest, but holy crap did it turn out good. Hashed browns, sauteed onion, green/red pepper, sausage, egg, sour cream and some cheese. Plus plenty of spices and seasonings. I usually need ketchup on egg bakes, but nothing needed at alll for this guy! I was pumped since I didn't follow any recipe.

Saturday was Spring Cleaning day. More specifically spring "clean out all the closets and throw sh*t away whilst organizing and combining totes" It turned out great. Took us like 5 hours, but I moved around a lot so there was a small workout for my Saturday. That night my bff came over and we went to pick up Noodles for dinner. I got my favorite Whole grain tuscan linguini with parm chix. it's about 880 calories, but SO good! I didn't eat much that day anyway. I ended up going over my points on Saturday. I had 2 glasses of red wine, a pb twix (not even close to worth it) and had some (okay lots) of cheesy puffs. They were sent from heaven, until I hit the bottom of the bag and they were soaked in grease. Eww.

Dum dum DUMMM SUNDAY! Run 10 mile day. Whew. I was nervous and antzy. I woke up at 8 a.m, ate some egg bake and went back to bed for 2 hours. Woke up, dressed, loosened up and drove to the gym since it was 27 degrees outside. I think Saturday night I was sort of "carbing up" lol. So, I got my water bottle full, found a treadmill, paused it to go pee quick, came back and started running.

My plan was to run 5 miles non-stop, take a break and eat half my banana, run 3 more miles, take a break, and finish the last two. I got through the first 5 miles okay in 60 minutes. I had to stop for a bathroom break- I know wtf right! Refilled my water bottle (#2) and chomped half my banana. I was tired. SO I reset the time since I was going to have to stop at 90 minutes anyway. So I put on another 90 minutes (max time treadmill can go) and started again.

Holy crap this got hard fast. I was only able to get through 1.8 miles before I had to stop and walk. My legs were deadening, I could have chugged a gallon of water, maybe two and my breathing was tough. So I walked for 5 minutes and then started again. I stopped and started a few times. Had to fill up my water bottle again (#3) and cranked out the last .25 mile at 5.5. mph. I can't believe I did it. I ran 10 miles.

I ran T.E.N. EFFING MILES! My time was slower than I hoped- 2:05:25. However, I couldnt ask for more out of myself. I've never had to push myself so hard. When I finished I really just wanted to break down and cry. Not sure why, but I felt like I was utterly exhausted. I filled my water bottle again (#4) and ate the other half of my banana. Cooled down and then stretched like crazy. I've never been so sweaty in my life. Makes sense, der, I burnt ~1500 calories!!

So the rest of the day I felt like I was in a daze. Josh made me a protien shake with milk, I made a roast beef sammich and sat by the fireplace getting warm. I took a hot azz shower, relaxed for 3 minutes. I'm always freezing after I run, is that normal? Then went grocery shopping and came home and took a much needed nap. I woke up, made a pizza, ate half of it and headed over to my BFFs for Mad men and Game of Thrones- Sunday night ritual for us :)

When I got home I gave my boyfriend a little somethin somethin and literally passed out within 1 minute of getting comfortable.

This morning I decided NOT to do my 4 mile run tonight and enjoy some relaxing time. I don't even have to make dinner! Oh sweet joy :)

So this week is probably the first week that I completed ALL of my scheduled runs. Also this week was a successfully healthy week! I am hoping for an amazing weigh in on Wednesday and then possibly hitting the big 100lb lost mark within the next two. It's been a long time coming, but I feel like I'm ready and able to break down whatever barriers and walls I've built up against ONEderland.

This morning I was 203.5, the lowest this year and probably 3rd lowest ever! But Wednesday is the one I will record and keep. So maybe I could be even lower by then!

Everyone have a healthy week and enjoy spring! I know we're going to have like a day of it this week haha.
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  • LORES777
    Wooowww I hope I can do that one day!
    1866 days ago
    10 miles (16k) is AWESOME! I ran it also in my training yesterday, in prep for my half marathon. And I get cold after my long runs as well! Shivery and sleepy. I have a 5k run tonight, and I have to do it! Should shake the stiffness out.

    Enjoy the rest of your day!
    1867 days ago
  • ACCT1908
    1867 days ago
    Great job!!!

    1867 days ago
    Andddddd spark was being mean to me for trying to cuss and then it posted my comment twice. Awesome.
    1867 days ago
    Dude... 10 miles?!?!?! Thats like... REALLY FAR. I'm mapping the distance between places familiar to me within a 10 mile radius in my head and I'm like holy balls - her LEGS and FEET carried her there! Spark won't let me post profanity, but YEAH!

    Haha and the "little sumfin sumfin" was exercise too perhaps?!

    And HOW AWESOME was GoT last night?!?!?!

    Woo hoo to your awesome last week and to a new week, hope you have a good one!!!!!!
    1867 days ago
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