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Monday, April 15, 2013

Boot camp is officially over till the 22nd of April (next week Monday) when round two for me begins. That being said, I was thinking I would have a kind of a rest for the next few days, but my life just never seems to allow for rest periods emoticon

I got a text message from my friend Janine who is totally deaf and relies 100% on lip reading. She is in an advanced course of GIS, mainly on editing (how to capture on ArcGIS) all Greek to me thus far. The interpreter they have assigned her isn't working well for her. So she has asked me to please fill in for the next 3 days and take the money allocated to the original interpreter.

So, from 8am-4.30pm I will be "learning" all about a course I have NO INTEREST in, to help my friend qualify emoticon

The good part of this is, not only am I helping a friend in need, but I am saving for a special occasion and the money I earn for the next few days will be allocated to that fund. Every bit helps.

Tonight is weigh in for me and I'm hoping its good. I should feel more confident than I sound because I REALLY have been good. Last week when she tested our body mass and muscle mass and water retention/hydration she found my muscle mass down. This apparently is because with all the boot camp exercises I have not upped my protein, so the body goes to the muscle for sustenance which is easier to target than the fat. Strange since I seem to have more fat than muscle right now emoticon

This week I increased my protein intake, not by a lot, just 50g more per meal and snack....but will this count against me on the scale? Tonight will tell! Short term thinking this would bother me, but long term thinking it doesn't bother me at all. I know that 98% of what passes my lips is super healthy, sugar free and fat free (except for the healthy fats like avo, olive oil and nuts) I'm also 98% carb free so in the long run I will come down. But if we gain, its a R15 ($1.66) forfeit and I most certainly am not keen on parting with my hard earned cash emoticon

With my being away from home for the next 3 days, I had better get all my housework up to date, repairs to clothing items and laundry. Guess that means I have to get off the internet.......cheery-O then.
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