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Break Challenge #2 Wednesday 4/17 to Tues 4/23

Monday, April 15, 2013

BLC Break Challenge #2 Wed 4/17 to Tues 4/23

Please report your challenge numbers by Wed 4/24 midnight.

This weeks Tri-athlon challenge:
1) Trail and Error: (Your choice of what to work on). 50 points every day for working on something of your choice that will help you lose weight.

There are a lot of people telling us eat this food plan, eat that food plan, exercise this way, exercise that way, here is what will help you drink water, sleep better, etc. To find out what works for you to lose weight, some trail and error is needed. So pick an area you struggle with, and do some trail and error to find what works for you. Use your chat thread and the chat thread of the visiting team to get ideas of what works for others and might work for you. If you know what works but are struggling to make it a habit/get it done, use trail and error to see what will make it easier for you to do it (reminder signs, mini rewards, promises to your chat thread, etc.). Overall be curious. There is no failing here, just try something different and see if it helps you.

2) Reach: (Exercise). 25 points for every 15 minutes, but double for the one (cardio/ST) you like the least.

Ok, there are those of us that love cardio &gr;em&lr;312&gr;/em&lr; and while they know they should do ST, it somehow rarely happens &gr;em&lr;40&gr;/em&lr; . And those of us that love to fling around heavy weights &gr;em&lr;23&gr;/em&lr; but for whom Cardio is a bad word &gr;em&lr;234&gr;/em&lr; . But we some of each to be healthy. So REACH in your exercise and do some of the one that is not your favorite. 25 points for every 15 minutes of exercise done, but if it is the one you don't like quite as much (whether Cardio or ST), you get 50 points for every 15 minutes of exercise. So REACH to do the one you normally don't and rack up the points.

3) Invigorate (Eating) There are three parts.
a. 75 points a day if you: Tracked your food.
b. 75 points a day if you: Followed your food plan (this can be calorie goal or a specific way of eating).

c) 75 points if at least one meal is food that invigorates you (gives you smooth strong energy for your day and your workout). Certain food makes us feel blah and certain foods give us energy. This will vary person to person, but there are some generalities. Protein helps wake us up, Whole Grains can calm us down. For some people juicing, fruits, and raw veggies give them energy, for others the sugar is too much for them and they don't feel good on these foods. For some root vegetables feel nourishing, for others a salad makes them feel good.

If you know which foods give you good fuel to do your day and workout, eat these for at least one meal. If you are not sure which foods give you good fuel, experimenting to see how you feel after your meal will earn you these points (try a higher protein meal/higher carb/higher veggie/even a higher fat meal and see how you feel afterwards).

Tracking Sheet:

Excel sheet:


PDF sheet:


This week (Wed 4/17 to Tues 4/23) we will be visiting the Violet Venus Mountain Lodge: Interim Vacation Spa team. &gr;link&lr;

Come say Hi and get support for your journey.
This team is outside of the BLC21 team threads, so if you want to visit and have not done so yet, sparkmail GreasyJoan to get an invite to this team so you can visit.

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