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Sunday intervals

Sunday, April 14, 2013

47° F this afternoon, and I set out to run. After taking Thursday off from intervals, the sore leg felt pretty good today. It felt so good, I had delusions of just running for 5K or so. Those delusions disapated during warmup, when I could still feel the sore leg. So I compromise on ratcheting up the intervals a notch to walk 2, run 1.

I took a familiar route with three small hills and opportunities to cut the route short. I didn't feel the need to do that. I got back to my driveway just before 35 minutes, waited for the interval, and counted the 36th minute as the 12th walking interval. It came out to 4.37 miles in 36:00, for an average pace of 8:14 per mile.

That felt close enough to running that the walking cooldown and stretching felt normal. After stretching and showering, I sat down to do stuff with the computer.

I may have sat down too soon. As I write this, my sore leg bothers me when I get up to walk around. It bothers me enough that even light jogging up and down the hallway is out of the question. I'm hoping that a good night's sleep will cure that, but there is the possibility that a total of 24 minutes running was too much and I'll need to take Tuesday off from intervals. Time will tell.

I have not yet traded down from the half marathon to the associated 5K, but I've been telling people I will do that. If the leg is reacting this way today, there's no way I'll be ready to go 13 miles in two weeks. On the bright side, if I didn't manage to really aggravate the leg I'll be able to do 5K with no problem . . . assuming I'm smart enough to hold it to intervals.

For now, a small ouch. In the grand scheme of things, another week in the process of getting back to running.

Life is good.
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