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3 Months of Sparking!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

3 Months! Whoo Hoo!

I can’t believe what all I have gained (or lost) during the last three months. I reviewed my Blog entries. And I found my first one very comical! It went like this:

January 19th
What I really need to talk about this new food (What did they call it?) Oh yeah, FRUIT! If it isn't an apple, orange or strawberry I don't know it. I don't know how to prepare it. I don't know how to cook it, (does it need to be cooked?). What does it taste like and how would I use it in a meal or snack?
While looking over some flavored water (can't picture me drinking that plain stuff), I saw some weird yet cool combinations; BluePom (I guess some one colored their dog and bottled the shampoo water?!), there was a strawberry kiwi (how did they catch that little bird like thing from New Zealand and put it in a bottle?), the list goes on. I am not making this up. I truly don't know what some of these are! My 22 year old daughter laughed at me and corrected the dog and bird theory, so you don't have to worry about me trying to make these flavors at home! But then I took this new information to my local grocery store. I saw what a pom thing is, but what in the world would I do with it? How do I get in it? What could I use it for? And a kiwi, well, it looks like the egg of a kiwi bird! Do you eat that thing?
Well, I learned a lot about eating different foods, better foods instead of the snacks and the high caloric meals. Gone is the fried chicken! In with the baked chicken! Gone are the mashed potatoes with gobs of butter and gravy! In with the whole grain couscous! Gone are the white chocolate Reeses cups! In with the apple slices! And you know what? I don’t miss them!

In January, my day consisted of watching TV and sleeping. I was overweight, over fed, under worked. My extent of exercise was limited to my walks around Wal-Mart while shopping and taking groceries up two flights of stairs! Now I walk 3-4 miles several times a week! Just to walk!

But some of my biggest accomplishments are seen in the day to day tracking……..

Since January I have walked 48.5 miles! I have averaged 16.19 miles each week!

In January my measurements were:
Weight 258
Waist 46”
Hips 52.5”
Thigh 31"
Stress level was (4)
Sleep quality (2)
Energy Level (2)

Today My measurements are:
Weight 233.6
Hips are 49”
Waist 40”
Thigh 30.5
Stress (2)
Sleep quality (4)
Energy level (4)

Wow! Great progress!

I also noted that I have completed 4 challenges:
Tame your Sweet Tooth
5k Your Way
Eat Up/Slim Down
Healthy Cooking

I have 47 Spark Friends. I have joined 13 Spark Teams. I have been given 58 Spark Goodies. I can’t count how many I gave, but I personally don’t think it is enough anyways!

I have received trophies for Consistency for Feb and Mar, 1,000 Fitness minutes for Feb and Mar., and 500 Spark points for Jan, Feb, and Mar. I have already reached 500 fitness minutes for April.

I have 3,777 fitness minutes total. I have 10,000+ putting me at Level 11!

My streaks show:
Log in 64 out of 71 days (90%)
Exercise 90 min/wk. 13 out of 13 weeks (100%)
8 glasses of water 80 out of 90 days (90%)
5 Fruits and veggies 57 out of 71 days (80%)

And I couldn’t begin to tell you how much I have grown mentally, emotionally, spiritually, motivationally, my commitment level, just all around me!

And all of this progress is because of all of my friends and fellow Sparkers! Who would have thunk it?!?!

So to emphasize the before me and my goal me:

Me at 250 pounds:

Me in another life at 165 pounds! (this is my goal!)

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