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Sunday, April 14, 2013

I understand how my ancestors felt

This morning I got up at 8.30 (Sunday = lie-in chez ChicChantal. If you usually get up at 7am, 8.30am is a lie-in, right?) and opened the bedroom window, bracing myself for the icy blast.

It didn't happen. Instead, a scent with all the qualities of good wine curled in and started to explore the dusty corners of the room.

I sort of choked and headed for the bathroom, grabbing random garments on the way. Three minutes later I was dressed* and thirty seconds after that, I'd opened all the windows and doors to let the spring in.

Yes, it's here at last. The forecast says 18C (about 62F) and cloud) but nobody has actually told the weather and at the moment we have sun and the temprature when I got up was already about 12C outside.

On the subject of my ancestors, that breeze through the window took me back to school where I 'did' bits of the Canterbury Tales:

Whan Zephirus eek with his swete breeth . . .
So priketh hem Natúre in hir corages,
Thanne longen folk to goon on pilgrimages

Riveting stuff eh? No I haven't a clue either but for a moment you thought I did didn't you? Apparently the gist is that when the spring arrives people emerge from hibernation and get out and about again. I can sympathise, after a winter like this. Creeping out of a thatched hut to weather like we have this morning must have been like rebirth.

Geoff (Chaucer) was very clear that people also get frisky. I haven't got to the frisky stage yet but you never know, so I hope you're not easily shocked.

Meanwhile, I've got housework to finish and gardening to start. The plan was to go for a hike but my foot seems to be suffering from plantar fasciitis and therefore not to be trifled with.

I'm having lunch out in the garden to celebrate spring though. The pic is what I'll be looking at.

*If you're worrying about my personal hygiene, that's very kind of you and I'm going to the gym later and I'll get a shower there.

I may also get frisky.
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