Engagment rings!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

So I found out Ryan had a huge plan to ask me to marry him Thursday! But when he went to get my ring it was gone!!!!! It was my number 1 out of the billions we looked at, and by my expression to this one it was obvious it was the one

Well turns out the company only made 1!!!!! And that is all they were making! One of a kind!!!! I only knew he planned to purpose bc he told me we had to look at rings again, and the jeweler kept apologizing. He said they could make it but it would cost way more than the ring did.

So I am looking at more, found some online but I want to see them on me first! Mainly bc I hated my dream ring at first site but when I put it on it was AMAZING! And the rings I've found online don't measure up to it, but are close!!! So maybe in person and on my finger they will top it!!!! So Ryan is calling tomorrow to see if they can get a few for me to try. If not we will be going to Colorado Springs next weekend! Also if we go he said he would take me to the Melting pot for our 3 year!!!!!! WOOOO I could care less how unhealthy that place is, I will devour everything and not feel the least bit guilty :)

Hope KI can find a new ring! He doesn't want to get a ring that doesn't make me grin ear to ear! I told him I'd be fine with anything but he said the moment he saw my face with the first ring he wants to see that face again or a better face! How sweet :)
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