April 13th 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Today was a rainy day here so I was inside for most of the day. Last weekend I left a comment on my blog that my goal for this week was to blog everyday and drink ten glasses of water a day. Well I have been blogging everyday and I drank 10 glasses of water everyday except two. The first day I was less the 10 and today I drank 11 glasses so far. I am still feeling pretty low. I think I need a new psychiatrist. To be honest I find the one that I have now very intimidating and he is not very supportive. I don't think he listens to me very well. I have been telling him that the medication that I am on is working anymore for awhile now and he hasn't done anything about it. I have tried to get a new psychiatrist But there is a waiting list and because I already have one I am not able to go on the list. I don't know what I am going to do. I have decided that for now I am going to put the scale away and just try and maintain the weight that I am at and concentrate more on getting better. I was so disappointed and depressed when I weighed myself yesterday and saw that I gained weight. I am at the highest weight that I have ever been. My goals for next week is to continue to blog and drink at least 10 cups of water a day. As well I am going to not get take out this week.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions and support hope everyone has a great week.
    2172 days ago
  • CAMAEL100
    There was a good article on Spark last week about the benefits of just starting off maintaining your current weight. I can't seem to find the link to it again.

    But I think that for you it is a good idea. Start off with the small steps of drinking the water and do your best to eat healthily but avoid the scale(throw it out for the moment!).You really don't need anything else making you feel miserable and less worthy. Eat healthily to feel better not to lose weight. Try to maximise the nutrients you are taking in so eat lots of fruit and veg. You need to feel better before you can tackle losing weight. Also try getting in some exercise as it has been shown to help us feel better about ourselves. Again do it for reasons other than weight loss.

    And I would agree with the earlier suggestions to talk to your current psychiatrist about how you feel. It may help while you are on the waiting list for a new one.

    2172 days ago
  • COOKIE_AT_51
    Yay you!! emoticon I am so happy emoticon to see these wonderful, positive steps that you are taking.

    Those are perfect goals ... one step add at a time sweetie!

    emoticon emoticon
    2172 days ago
  • COOKIE_AT_51
    Yay you!! emoticon I am so happy emoticon to see these wonderful, positive steps that you are taking.

    Those are perfect goals ... one step add at a time sweetie!

    emoticon emoticon
    2172 days ago
    Great choice not to let the scale tell you your self worth. Your weight level is only one part of you, and getting better is the most urgent need right now. If you are too intimidated by your psychiatrist to tell him so, you could try writing it down and then handing to him when session starts. I had to do that with one therapist. He was unaware just HOW much he was intimidating me and things were much better after that. Also tell him in the letter about the medicine and ask him why he doesn't seem to pay attention when you say so. Its very hard to confront an intimidating doctor but it may be a wake up call to him. If not perhaps you may think about trying to find someone not a psychiatrist, like a psychologist or even a social worker with the department of health to work with, one that will be more supportive and willing to work with your primary physician about the medication.
    Don't give up and let some "system" hold you down and getting sicker!
    You chose some great goals for the week Hang in there! emoticon
    IKacey co-leader of the Chair Exercise Team

    2172 days ago
    That sounds like a good plan, Tanya. Sometimes the scale can be our worst enemy. Continue to drink your water, blog, and avoid take out as much as possible. Drinking the water, and eating healthier is a great accomplishment. I wish you the best in reaching all of your goals. Take care, and keep in touch.

    2172 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Good for you, Tanya!!! Well done on drinking all that water!! I think that in the beginning, it's so important to take one step at a time toward achieving your goals, and staying very well hydrated is a REALLY important priority. emoticon Good for you, for committing to regular blogging and good water consumption.

    As you're concentrating right now - and rightfully so - on just feeling better, if you can manage to more or less maintain your weight and drink that water, you'll have gotten yourself over quite a major hurdle. The other one is finding the right psychiatrist for you. To really get some noticeable improvement in the way you feel and relief for your depression, you need someone who really resonates with your needs. If this doctor doesn't prove to be an appropriate choice, there's nothing wrong with searching with a more suitable match. You can always talk to these folks over the phone, have some questions prepared for them, and see if you think if they'll qualify to help you. They should definitely feel supportive and certainly not intimidating, so keep shopping 'til you find a good fit. And you will. You need someone really good who will fine-tune your medication needs, too.

    Stay hopeful...this week has been a substantial step forward for you. emoticon
    2172 days ago
    I think the idea to share with the psychiatrist about your feelings that he is intimidating and that you really don't think your present med is doing any good is an excellent idea.
    2172 days ago
    I wish you could get a new psychiatrist who really listens to you and is not intimidating. Maybe a woman would be a better choice? It's a shame that you can't get a new one just because you already have one. Sometimes there are personality conflicts between a psychiatrist and patient and the first doctor is not necessarily the "best fit."

    One thing you could try to do is be very honest with him and tell him you feel intimidated and that you also feel he isn't really hearing you when you say the medication isn't working anymore. A person on one of the teams I belong to did this - she was nervous about it, but she decided to go ahead and be really honest with her therapist and it really did help. Her therapist had no idea she was feeling the way she was. Everything hasn't been exactly perfect since then, but it's been a lot better. If he's a good psychiatrist at all, he'll be very glad you shared your feelings. It's valuable information that could make him be a better doctor.

    I think your goals for this week sound great! Kudos!

    Take care and be kind to yourself. emoticon
    2172 days ago
    The scale is only one way to measure your success.
    2172 days ago
    I agree with Blondie. You have to get better first. It's nearly impossible to try to lose weight when you are feeling so miserable. Just try to make the healthiest choices you can, maintain control over your eating, and focus on your mental health. Weight loss is all about what's in your head. You're struggling right now, so it's definitely best to not take on any more.

    I hope your psychiatrist gets it together. It's certainly a flawed system that we have. It's tough when you want to switch, but you have to quit your current psych just to go on a list, and potentially be put with someone new who you still can't connect with. :-/ I'm praying for you.
    2172 days ago
    First of all I want to shout out the loudest YAHOO! You can make a difference - you have already started. It may seem small, but it is not - it is change. Great job.

    As for the psychiatrist - who can you talk to - to see how you can change the doctor you have? There has to be someone - some department - something. TRACK THEM DOWN. Because, otherwise - they will be content for you to sit in the same guys office day after day as you keep sinking deeper. If I could EVER assign homework - that would be at the top of my list - do WHATEVER you can to get another doctor.

    Glad to see you are making a goal of getting better - instead of worrying about the scale. That is so much better for you. You go!

    As for the goals you have set this week - awesome job. I am glad that you are committing yourself. If you fall down - just pick yourself up - YOU CAN DO THIS!

    2172 days ago
  • BLONDIE218145
    You hang in there girl. Good choice to not watch that scale for now. Your weight will come off but you get better first!! emoticon
    2172 days ago
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