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Didn't quite make that flight

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kind of tough to catch a plane when it's due to take off at 6:45 AM and you wake up to hotel room clock telling you it's 6:40 AM. First time missing a flight, ever, as far as I can recall, and I don't qualify (yet) as a frequent flyer, so I turned on my computer to check the Delta site to see what I could do about it. The pages that were supposed to explain options didn't quite cover the "sleeping in" scenario, so I thought I'd call the help line for assistance. As I looked at my phone, wondering how I managed to sleep though its alarm, I saw the Delta app on there and selected it. First thing I saw was that my flight was delayed! But not enough for me to make it to the airport. Second thing I saw was an "apology for the inconvenience, and would you like to rebook at no cost?" offer. Well, um, I don't know, free is awfully expensive, but ok, sure. Didn't get any extra extra sleep out of it, as I had just enough time for a shower before heading out. Ended up getting to Detroit only an hour and change after the flight I was originally supposed to be on.

That also meant I was getting back home in time to get to my dentist appointment, the real reason I'd selected the 6:45 flight in the first place. Yes, I know, I'm a masochist, what with the way early flight and dentist juxtaposition. But it was ok, the dentist was just supposed to be a get some x-rays, say hi to a new dentist dude type of visit. But after that had been accomplished, the person who'd checked my gums came back in and asked if I'd like a cleaning, too, since someone else had canceled, and she had time. Sure, why not, saves me a trip back (and another co-pay). And after that was done, and the doc had checked in and checked out my x-rays, there were apparently a couple of cavities that might need doing, and would I like to get them done? Well, heck, why not, as long as I'm here.

The problem with that was that this clinic seems to have not enough people actively working on a Friday. One of the dentists (the wife of the pair) doesn't see patients on Friday, and the guy who was there was running around handling all the patients they had lined up. I don't know if others got the "you're here, might as well get this done" opportunities, but by the time I got my cavities filled, and got out of there with the lower half of my face still numb, I'd been at the dentist 3 hours. And realized, after 3 weeks of carrying around my new driver's license, that the state had spelled my name wrong. No big deal, probably, if I was someone who actually was in the state on a business day more than one day a week, a day when I spent most of the afternoon in the dentist's chair.

Ended up going to the library thereafter, and I got a biography of Joe Paterno. It's not necessarily to read about Paterno himself, or because I was curious as to how Paterno's looking the other way while his assistant coach molested numerous kids under his nose. No, I actually grabbed the bok because of who it was written by, an amazing sportswriter named Joe Posnanski. It's kind of like going to a movie not because of its contents, per se, but because of who the director is. For an example, check out this piece on the two coaches whose teams battled for the basketball championship last monday. You don't have to care for college basketball, or even be much of a sports fan to enjoy Posnanski's style. It's kind of like how Mitch Albom used to be back in the day, before the accolades swelled his ego to ludicrous heights.


Anyway, the rest of Friday went rather boringly. After feeling tired at 8 PM-ish, I'm still awake at 3 AM, learning that I need to track down another piece of paper or two before I submit my state taxes. I really should have got them done earlier, what with being due a decent refund (if my math is right, I'll get paid more in wages and expense reimbursements and tax refunds this month than I received all of last year. More a function of only working two months in 2012, but still, it's a bit nutty). I would have e-filed weeks ago when I did my federal taxes except I moved out of Wisconsin in December rather than in January, and as such I wasn't a full year resident of that state, and thus not able to e-file. Two weeks turned into this extra annoyance...harrumph.

But I tire of being awake, and so I shall sleep. After I go and rescue the laundry I just realized I'd forgotten about. Oops.
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