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Weight Loss Competing for Money?

Friday, April 12, 2013

An article in today's Globe and Mail indicates that competition for money is an optimum motivation to lose weight. Particularly when my individual loss (weight wise) is your loss (financially). That's apparently even more effective than sharing the financial losses within a team of weight losers.


Gotta say, this doesn't appeal to me.

What do you think?
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  • CANNIE50
    Competition about weight loss triggers my rebellious compulsive eating. It just doesn't work for me, though I have never competed for big money so perhaps I would feel differently. I think competing for money can cause people to lose weight in an unhealthy fashion, only to have it all come roaring back before the prize money has been spent. emoticon
    1852 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Thumbs down here.
    1864 days ago
    Not sure how I feel about it, either. However, I will say this: Jenny Craig offered half your initial sign up fee back once you reached goal weight if you kept it off for a year. I kept it off to get my money back. Granted it was only PART of the motivation, but it helped.
    1864 days ago
    Not sure how I feel about it in general. I was in an employee-sponsored weight loss program around the year 2000. We had to pay for the program, something like $80 for 8 weeks. Then if we made our goals, we got our money back. I did get my money back. Not everyone did. The employer got to keep the money for those who were not successful. Some employees' time was used for this program, so maybe the employer deserved some of it. But I quickly gained back the weight so it didn't really work for me. I think we need more employer-sponsored weight loss programs and ones that work. Research in this area is a good thing.
    1864 days ago
  • DALID414
    It's not fair to the already healthy employees.
    1864 days ago
    I don't mind the idea of some people using money as a motivation, but I would not want to compete for that money. Losing weight can be stressful enough without having to compete with others. I believe that a cooperative setting is the best for long-term weight loss.

    I also agree with everyone here who talked about maintaining the weight loss. That is the REAL success!
    1864 days ago
    Nor I!
    Although we did have a no-pressure fun contest when I was still teaching- $1 a week- weighed in at the nurse's office- biggest proportional winner each week won the pot.
    Never me!

    1864 days ago
    I can be competitive but I would NOT be interested if monies were the case. Tight budget!!!!!!!!!!
    1864 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/12/2013 1:26:18 PM
  • _LINDA
    Nothing like waving money in front of someone's face to get their attention. I have not seen this Biggest Loser program people are so fanatic about and the spin off teams on Sparkpeople, but it appears to be very motivating to beat out your fellow competitiors. At least in the Spark way is to be encouraging and supportive of all and that there really are no losers -that they are all winners when they lose. No, I wouldn't approve, far better for all to shoot for rewards and being rewarded when acheiving them then to have one person beat all. You want everyone on your team to be healthy and shoot for it all the time. Maybe if Canadians had to pay for their health care and insurance like the Americans, they would be motivated to live better.
    1864 days ago
    It wouldn't appeal to me. I'm not much of a gambler.

    You can control what you do... it's less certain that your body will give up certain pounds on an exact schedule.

    Did you notice that the amount lost is only 7 pounds in 6 months different between the "motivated" and the "unmotivated?"
    1864 days ago
    I usually am not a competitive person. I gained so much from losing weight. I save on medicine and doctor's bills by maintaining a healthy weight. On the other hand, I spend more on clothes because shopping is so much more fun, so I'm probably not much ahead in terms of money. But I don't do things just for the money. I do them because I like to, or because it feels like the right thing to do. To each his own.
    1864 days ago
    I signed up for some website that did this - I had to pay if I didn't reach my goal. I wound up pulling out - it felt like too much pressure to me.
    1864 days ago
  • DEBRA0818
    I think that motivation comes in a lot of forms and money is certainly a big motivator for a lot of people. However, I think a distinction needs to be made regarding weight loss and weight maintenance. Almost anyone can lose weight in the short term for money or otherwise, but can it be kept off? See, past "winners" of the Biggest Loser for an example of how short-term motivation does not necessarily turn into long-term success.
    1864 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Competition can be fun...
    However I align myself with the SP Daily Blog article "Should You Maintain Your Weight before You Lose?"
    Ultimately it is about learning healthy life skills that work not competing and being done.
    1864 days ago
    Yeah...this one would work for me I bet.
    1864 days ago
    I go back and forth on this one - DH and his best buddy used to do pacts where they'd pay whoever lost the most weight in a period of time. Worked for them.

    For me? Not so much. I lose slowly, no matter what I do - and having an external motivator doesn't do much to speed up the process or make me more accountable.
    1864 days ago
    A long while back this did motivate me. As Kaligirl said, "finding the 'right' reward works".
    Mmm, i wonder if i could try it again...And who would be willing to do it with me.
    1864 days ago
    Competition is good...I beat my husband in a weight-loss challenge and won $200 from him to spend frivolously. I must say I found it hugely motivating, and I have not gained it back.

    I am not one of these people who believe in everyone's freedom to be an idiot. I believe we all have responsibilities to the society in which we live. I'd like to see people who are morbidly obese and/or smoke pay higher insurance premiums unless they participate in programs for weight control and smoking cessation.
    1864 days ago
  • KANOE10
    Winning money would not motivate me to lose. However, in the US we are going to be penalized and fined if we do not follow a company's health program if you are overweight.
    1864 days ago
  • BOSS61
    Ah most favorite of Canadian Sparkies, cannot roll with you on this one. NOT spending as much in restaurants (perish the thought - what a ripoff!) and grocery stores is a huge motivator.
    1864 days ago
    Not competitive myself, but I do think it proves finding the 'right' reward works?
    1864 days ago
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