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Snow! Really???

Friday, April 12, 2013

It's no real surprise I guess, but Winter just isn't letting go this year. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

We've been hovering near the freezing mark since sometime last night; winds picked up this morning (gusting to 30-35 mph); and rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow, and whatever other form water can take has been falling off and on all day, most of last night, continuing tonight and all day tomorrow. Temps will drop a little more so tomorrow may be all snow. Doesn't matter - kinda all the same to this old body!

I know I'm in for a slow day when getting on the gazelle makes me achy! emoticon emoticon So I tried to pace myself a little slower. My appointment today cancelled - she didn't want to drive an hour in this mess - so that helped stretch things out some. emoticon Walking became more challenging as the day worn on... I felt like Raggedy Andee every other step! Absolutely need to learn more about this connective tissue thing going on! It's really weird when you take a step and one part of your leg goes one way and another part of it goes another way! You really have to experience it to get what this is like! There is no descriptor that truly fits! Some say it makes them look like they are walking drunk; other say the feel like they are walking drunk except their head isn't fuzzy. emoticon Since I've never been drunk I can't relate - but maybe that will help some of you reading this to "get" it.

I got in a few more activities - found a beginner's pilates routine for 10 minutes and did that today. That may be something I do a few times a week now. :) It's not as hard to get down on the floor now ~ a few months ago I avoided it like the plague because it was so painful getting back up. Muscles are improving; little by little. emoticon

I was a little late in getting my breakfast and early morning exercise done... woke up late-ish and had to run one of my girls to her volunteer job. That gave me a little walking right off the bat and I ate a healthy breakfast and got on the gazelle as soon as I got back home. I'm counting that as keeping my Rise'n'Shine streak going! emoticon

May all of you have a wonderful evening, morning, afternoon - wherever you are when you read this! See you tomorrow!

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