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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time I checked in here...and I still haven't thanked all of you for commenting on the last blog, liking my infrequent status posts, just BEING THERE!
So here's an official group Thank You
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I'm sure I will be here more often, once the crunch of 5 million extra after-Easter liturgies lets up (well, maybe not 5 million...) and we hire someone to fill my position. But until then...I am learning to manage myself under stressful conditions.

TINAJANE76's blog "Lessons from Someone Who's Kept the Weight Off" really spoke to me today. Although I'm not in maintenance yet (still really wanna make it into the 130s...the mid-high 130s would be fine) I am close enough that I feel those temptations to just stop here and be content. But at this weight level, occasional over-eating/under-exercising takes me to 145 lbs. and I'm NOT happy with that.

The last 3 days are the cycle in miniature.
I don't have time to track but I DO have time/energy to cook and write down every bit I eat. So I have been doing that, in the attempt to come down from 145 to 140, hopefully by the end of the month. This is unofficial goal, in my head. You may hold me to it...

Day 1 - down to 143 - and I was content with what I ate. OK, maybe not content...but I could not say I was hungry and I ate balanced things.
Day 2 - back to 143.6. Normal oscillation. Fine. Ate well until stress began to hit me. Took a LONG WALK. Fought the eating demon with portion control and lower-calorie choices than what I was craving.
Day 3, today - STILL 143.6.

I count this a victory over the yo-yo thing. Today I am back to a better internal balance, in terms of the pile of stuff that I need to get done and the schedule I need to meet. One task at a time. Yesterday, I just wanted to sit down in the middle of it and howl. So I kind of did, and took the walk, and read a book, ignoring it all, and today I feel more like tackling it.

Tina Jane had two comments that spoke to me. Here they are.

"4. Tackling weight creep with subtle changes:
There have been times in the past year when I've added a few pounds. Rather than panicking and doing anything drastic, I've made subtle changes when I've seen upward trends and taken a more patient approach to getting the weight back off. I realize that a five-pound gain is nothing compared to a 50-pound gain and can be undone gradually without making significant changes to my meal plan or exercise routine. As a result, I don't feel as though I've had to shift back into weight loss mode and like I'm in a perpetual yo-yo cycle."

A MORE PATIENT APPROACH. Ah yes. My whole life could be described as a struggle to take a more patient approach to everything. I have even been complimented on my patience at times, usually by people who know me in just one context, ha! They have no idea what an achievement patience is for me.

"5. Learning to live life in a sustainable way:
Unlike my past efforts, which were often quite restrictive, I've learned that it's okay not to be perfect. It's okay to indulge every once in a while and it's okay if I slip up from time to time. My overall lifestyle is healthy and it's okay if I don't adhere to a perfect plan all the time. Small daily treats and occasional indulgences have made my maintenance more enjoyable and made me feel like something I can keep up for the rest of my life. I don't have to avoid social events out of fear of weight regain because I've learned to choose my indulgences more wisely and to plan ahead and/or make healthier choices when I've felt like what's being offered isn't worth it."

Yes, we all SAY this. Doing it -- another matter. I have tested it recently by making some killer things to eat, balancing them out in the meal with other tasty things that were quite low-calorie and healthy, and getting back to upping my exercise level so that I can afford them. I've also been better with strength training - not perfect but better. Better is good. Better gets me a pat on the back.

I've also been better with just plain saying NO to myself - especially in the evening. It's NO or NEVER...I do feel this is crunch time in a sense and if I can learn this now, I have a chance at a retirement which is more than ONE LONG SNACK!

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So. VICTOIRE, for one day! EXCELSIOR, as Mr. Thurber's cartoon characters used to say as they scaled the mountain complete with flag. His cartoon characters were often rather lumpy in shape but they had FLAIR!

EXCELSIOR! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks, Sara,
    I have backslid considerably, but am still ahead of the game. This may just be what I need to pull myself up and get going again.
    Thanks for your continued positive influence and friendship.
    emoticon emoticon
    1900 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Congrats on finding a way to continue with your maintenance program where you are living healthy. Subtle changes can make a huge difference. Finding something that you can live with in regards to diet & exercise? Priceless!
    1900 days ago
  • CELLO23
    emoticon Love the picture of retirement as one long snack!

    But no! That would be a Bad Idea!

    Hail your victoire!

    Right. I've hovered around the same ballpark. I did 20 days of The Plan (mainly veg, high protein etc) and dropped 5lbs, now being less strict and I know my downfalls:

    1. Biscuits lying around. I don't have a 'stop' button.
    2. Not logging cals. What doesn't get logged doesn't count, right? :O
    3. Large evening meals. Big breakfast, tiny evening is the only way to go with the level of exercise I'm on (lamentable).
    4. Also, stress makes me munch. Sounds like you have a similar thing! Good on you for going out for that walk.

    You are healthy and eat well. You are fit and keep moving. You can afford to have treats occasionally and if you really want to get the number down, you can, as you've just shown.

    Good on you and yes, we'll hold you to it. Keep logging and jogging!

    Arggh! A cutesy rhyme just came and infected this blog! Pth pth.


    1900 days ago
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