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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wow ok I just wrote a really long blog and lost the whole thing! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I wish there was a save button, not a publish button but just a save.

I wore my HRM to my dance class again last night and ended up burning 603 calories. When I probably would have guessed around 475 if I had not worn it. I was gonna run today but I think I am gonna do water aerobics instead. I am doing a 5k on Sunday, so maybe if I lay low I will put all my UMPH into the race. Plus my eating gets out of whack when I start running too much. My eating has not been 100% awesome this week. But I am holding steady at 158 in the mornings. I found out I have a wedding in May so I have new motivation. I am gonna work to try to get back to 150. Looking at different people on here, 150 doesn't seem too small for most. But my body really likes being at 160. So 150 is plenty small for me, I feel like anything less and I would not be enjoyable to be around.

I was thinking about how much I enjoy going to my dance class. I literally look forward to it the morning of. Probably just as enjoyable as getting ice cream, not even kidding, it's so fun. I see status messages on here about people having motivation to go to the gym early and then losing it throughout the day. (if your tired after work, drink a little coffee before the gym, I do that and have a better workout as a result) Why are you doing something you hate?? I could play basketball, playing basketball burns calories! But I freaking hate basketball therefore I am not gonna do it. Find what you like, like what you find. Look forward to your exercise!!! You will never stick to anything you don't like doing. Also talk to people at the gym!!! Make a community among the people you find. Then you will get there, say HI!!! and know that your not alone. When you don't go, they are gonna be there and your gonna think "crap they are there and I am on my couch, now I will sit here feeling guilty that I didn't take 1 hour to move!". Oh I also hear ppl say that went go to dance classes cuz they arent coordinated. I used to have coordination problems growing up, I used to have to go to special classes to work 1 on 1 with a teacher for my coordination. Ok so I go to dance classes 3 days a week, with history of coordination problems. There ya go, whats your excuse?

Ok now I become a bummer, read on if you want, close out now if you don't.

So I finally told my boss Monday I was looking for a new job. He just kinda acted defensive like he didn't really care, like it really didn't matter if I was around or not. Then 15 minutes later it's like he forgot and started talking about future projects. Oh well I gave a heads up. I have 1 lead I am not really sure about and I am just keeping my eyes and ears open. I am getting maternity through my husband in 3.5 months. I should make one of the paper chains and rip off a ring each day lol This was my first month of ovulating where I couldn't try to get pregnant and it was so hard. (I am still temp watching so I can watch patterns and taking prenatals) But I know it's for the best, even if my emotions aren't being patient with me, I have to be patient. I can't be knocking down doors that have been locked shut to me.

We went to see Henry Rollins perform last night here. He is still so freaking buff even at 52 years old. I was wishing he would take his shirt off for the whole spoken performance, just to see what he looked like. He seemed like a loner, most of his stories were about meeting his fans and how amazing they were. He said when he is eating at hotel restaurants, he buys a 40 dollar burger. The burger usually is 15 bucks and he gives the rest of the money to the waiter cuz he knows how tough minimum wage is. Seemed like a really cool guy. He gives his moneys worth too if u go see him, he spoke for over 2 hours straight and kept saying "When u guys could feel your a$ses".
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Just think how quickly those 3.5 months will go by and how much FUN it will be to try when you know you don't have to worry about medical bills! It was such a relief for me :)
    1868 days ago
    I think you are doing amazing with your weight!! You are really managing it well.

    I agree about exercise. I admire people who can do boring forms of exercise every day but I can't do it. If it isn't fun I won't stick with it. At my age, a person only has so much time and energy and you want to spend it doing something besides suffering. I'm fortunate in that my doctor won't allow me to do most exercise that I hate. LOL.

    I think you did the right thing with your boss. I'm sure he will hate to see you leave but you have to do what is best for you. Once you get pregnant things will change any way.

    I don't know who Henry Rollins is. LOL.
    1871 days ago
    Thanks for the motivation! emoticon
    1871 days ago
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