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Almost Over The Hump (AKA Happy Hump Day!)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So...it's been one of those days. My current project seems to want to haunt me forever. No matter how hard I try to send it away..it comes back. Kind of like those same darn 2-3 pounds that seem to go away but then pop back up. I'll give another try tomorrow. emoticon

Not a lot going on today. I did a whole 60 mins on the treadmill in the gym at lunch. I was sweating...ummm...I mean I was getting rather "dewy". The lady on the treadmill next to must have been too, because she turned on the box fan that was setting in front of/kind of between our two treadmills. The breeze felt great. Too bad I only had 10 mins left to go! emoticon But it still help those last 10 mins. I was listening to Pandora (80's Workout songs) and reading a book on my tablet (Chosen-Guardians of the Word). And no..it's NOT a trashy Sci Fi this time! emoticon So the time went fast. I didn't have any back pain at all when I was done, in fact I felt pretty darn good! I'll finish the week on the treadmill and then next week do a week on the elliptical. I like the alternating between the two. And I do want to work on getting some XBox workouts in. emoticon

I did eat the rest of my Kalbi ribs last night. But just them. And no ice cream cone. I bought a box of the Skinny Cow Limited Edition Chocolate Covered Cherry Cones. Boy are they GOOD! I'll have to stock up on them. At 150 calories each they make for nice ending touch to dinner. I did the best I could at logging the pastries I had at work yesterday. Hope I was at least close. emoticon

Hubby is still making improvements. Although he about took my head off last night. He must have gotten cold in the middle of the night, because he yanked all the bed covers to his side of the bed. Unfortunately I had snuggled up with my part of them under my chin. When he took the covers, it yanked my head a bit. The things we put up with for love of our life, our soul mate! emoticon

OK..that's it for now..off to wrestle with that pesky project of mine. Have a great rest of your Hump Day. We're on the downside of it by now!

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