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Revival: Our Nation: Returning Back to Godly Roots

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Welcome back to our ongoing study, Praying for Revival, Praying for our Nation and Returning back to our Godly Roots.

This lesson our study will take us on a journey that will uncover some of the root causes that took our Nation from her Godly Roots she was founded on. We will take a look at how we as Christians can make a difference, by letting our Light Shine before men and see our land restored back to God.

Let us meditate on Psalm 72:8 He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. May we join together and pray that our land will be healed and restored back to its godly roots.

Our Land as you know was founded on Godly Principles. Not long ago we as a Christian nation enjoyed Prayer & Bible reading in our Public Schools. One could openly speak about the things of God and not worry about offending someone or being “politically incorrect”.

It was common practice to begin your day at school with opening Prayer and Bible reading. All the children no matter what their Faith all participated in these Spiritual exercises. In 1944 the Government of British Columbia where I live amended the Public School Act to provide for compulsory Bible reading at the start of each day to be followed with reciting of the Lord’s Prayer. Sadly from 1871 to 1989 School prayer and Bible reading has declined. Slowly over the years Prayer and Bible Reading has been replaced with secular exercises that have little to do with worshipping God.

However there are small pockets of Prayer still taking place in some of our Canadian schools. Saskatoon is one of the rare places left that still allows Prayer and Bible Reading in their Public School System.

Some Secondary schools have begun what they call “See You at the Pole”. This ministry began in 1991 and has been growing over the years. It mainly began in parts of the United States. Soon it was happening all over the world including Canada. Every year at the beginning of the school year on the 3rd Wednesday of September the students meet at their schools Flag Pole to join hands around the pole to pray for their nation, school and for each other. Revival is breaking out and lives are being transformed to God’s Glory. Pockets of Revival are beginning to take place amongst the Youth as they pray for their schools and for each other. God is moving by His Spirit and lives are being transformed to God’s Glory.

Over the years Christians have become complacent and allowed their Christian roots to be altered from being Men and Women after God’s own heart. Canada and many other countries has slipped away from being the nation it once was.

All around us we see our Government taking our Freedom of Worship away. We once could hear all Retailers greeting their customers with Merry Christmas, now in most places it has been replaced with Happy Holidays. Store Fronts and Schools once displayed Nativity Scenes, now it has been removed because it may offend.

As Christians it is high time we take back our Christian holidays and not worry about whether we are being “politically incorrect” or if we will offend someone. Remember we are a Christian nation founded on Godly principles. Step by step we can make a difference. We can stand up and be counted and take a stand for Jesus.

Revival begins in the hearts of individuals who desire to be changed. As we seek the Lord in prayer for our nation and ask the Lord to heal our land we will see a mighty outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit sweep across our land. Let us pray for a nationwide spiritual awakening. Let us pray that God will cause many Christians to become disciples of Christ and win many souls to the kingdom of God.

Revival begins in the hearts of God’s people who are truly seeking the Will of God for their lives. When God stirs the hearts of His people great things happen. We see all down through time when men and women sought the Lord pockets of revival broke out and people were filled with the Holy Spirit. When revival breaks forth you see great things happen with lives being saved, healed, baptized and delivered to God’s Glory. Personal revival always begins with a heart that is seeking after the Lord Jesus Christ. God is looking for a people who are hungry and who are willing to change.

When revival takes place one often sees large groups of people repenting and turning away from their sins. Many will come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. Indeed praying for revival will not only revive our hearts but will revive our nation and the communities we are living in for the Glory of God.

The key to meeting the conditions for revival is set forth in 2 Chronicles 7:14: 1. We need to humble ourselves, 2. Pray effectually, 3. Seek God’s Face and 4. Repent & turn from our wicked ways. Once the people of God have met those requirements revival will break forth
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