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April 10th, Gotta Keep This Up!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I've got a few days to catch up on! Work and distractions have been, well, distracting me! Sorry!

Monday -
I managed to not only do my 1 mile, I picked up the pace and only jogged for a few seconds, and had a 18 minute mile! (Well, a little more than 18 minutes, but still!)
Additionally, I did manage to get some squats, static lunges, and calf raises in before I left for work!

Tuesday -
I slept though my alarm - for some reason I thought it was Wednesday! - so I didn't do the 1 mile workout. However, I did end up doing the "easy" version of the 30 Day Shred. I still used my weights, when my arms could bear it. I like to think I kept up fairly easily, though there were some things I did fudge a little bit on (skipping lightly in place instead of jump roping, for one). Over time, I'm confident my endurance will build!

Today, Wednesday -
My calves are a little sore today, possibly from the jumping I -DID- do yesterday with Jillian, despite the cooldown and stretching at the end. Because of that, I was tempted to skip, or go easy, on today's workout. But, I told myself "Just walk, and if you need to stop after the first segment, go ahead and stop."
So, I went. 1 Mile on the Treadmill, all walking: 19 minutes. I wasn't in pain, so I moved on to the elliptical. That machine is treacherous! You think you're not making much progress, but before you know it, you hit your stride and you're at 1 mile in 14 minutes! (Note: I don't recall the number exactly, but I do remember it was close to where I was last week, which was 15 minutes. There is a possibility I'm being generous.)
Now, when I'm done with those two, I'm -supposed to-, based on my plan, take a dip in the pool. However, the weather is still in the mid-80s, AFTER humidity's factored in, which means the pool's going to be anywhere from the 60s to the 70s. No thanks. I'll wait for the weather to hit the 90s.
Instead, I took an easy, no-higher-than-3mph cooldown walk on the treadmill. I did increase the incline to keep it from getting too boring/tedious and to provide a -bit- of a challenge, but otherwise it went well. I finished THAT mile in about 21 minutes.


I'm a little disappointed, since I wanted this fitness regimen I'm doing to be focused mostly on weight training. However, I've barely done any! So, I'm thinking of changing it up, again, but not drastically:

* I still want to walk/jog a mile at least 6x a week. (I actually want to increase this as time goes on, but this is phase 1.)

* My first supplementary workout of the week, no matter what day it's on, will consist of the upper body/cardio stuff I outlined for my Sundays at the very beginning- Jumping Jacks, Crunches, Push-ups.

* The next day will be the legs: Squats, Stationary Lunges, Calf-raises, and then Planks for the core.

* Wednesdays will ALWAYS be cardio-focused with the gym: treadmill, elliptical, pool. Only downfall is, if I have an appointment at my scheduled time, I'll lose out on this workout for the week. More on that later.

* The remaining days of the week will be filled out by the videos I have: 30 Day Shred, 28 Day Bootcamp, Pilates, SparkPeople CardioBlast, PS3 Zumba. The order is based on what kind of weights-workout I can expect from the videos... if a video gets "lost", or has been used once in the week, I'll move on to the next one in the list.

* As a point of reference, the week I'm referencing begins on Sundays.

** If I miss a workout due to appointments, or busy schedules, or being a mom, or what-have-you. THAT'S OKAY. I'll pick it up the next time I can, either the next available day, or next week.

So, that being said, because I didn't do that upper-body/core workout yet this week- I'll do that tomorrow!


My weigh in today was disappointing to me. I gained 2lbs since last week. Yes, I was fully dressed and had breakfast about 90 minutes before I weighed. Yes, I had a small cup of water a few minutes before I weighed. That's not the point. The point is, all else being equal, the scale moved in the direction I didn't want it to.

I don't believe it was the skipped workouts. I believe it is definitely because of my eating habits. Multiple meals of lasagna (though healthy-ish), Taco Bell (not healthy at all), and grabbing random handfuls of gummy bears is definitely not conducive to weight loss.

Now, I acknowledge the tracker is a handy tool. But it can be such a time sink. I typically just choose meals that would be close to what I make. Occasionally, I will put my meals into SparkRecipes to reference from later, so that helps. However, over time, the favorites list grows and grows, and eventually you've got a monster list of things you barely use/eat any more!

I know I should use it. However, I'm barely coming onto here to post my blogs as it is. To me, I'd rather spend my time posting blogs than doing the tracker. Perhaps, and this is just a perhaps, I could just post my meals via blog. That's a form of food journaling, and although it won't have the caloric notations, it's definitely better than nothing.

For now, though, I'm going to cut out the gummy bears. I LOVE THEM, but I've got candy leftover from Easter, and pumpkin pie ice cream. One thing at a time. And, I can let my hubby or kiddo eat the gummies to get rid of them. ....If my Easter Candy runs out, and I need a treat, and the gummies are there, THEN maybe I'll go back to them.. but, for now, they are my first "nix."

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings! I hope you've all had a good week so far, and will have an even BETTER week to come! ♥
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