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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

When I originally started on SP, I was in the overweight range in terms of BMI. I randomly picked a goal of 125, which at 5' 2" puts me at a 22.9 BMI. That weight is in the healthy range, but closer to the high end than to the low end. According to the BMI calculators, at my height, I will not fall into the "underweight" category until I hit 103 pounds.

103 pounds? I can't even imagine myself at that weight. I'm pretty dang sure I don't aspire to be that tiny, I don't even know if I could get there with these boobs I sport. But...

I have no idea what a good goal is. Now that I'm back down to 125, I'm wondering what I should do. I struggle with maintenance, so perhaps aiming for lower would give me more of a buffer zone? I'd love some advice. I know the "just do what makes you feel healthy" is a good thought, but I've not been under 120 as an adult, so I have no idea if I'd feel healthy or not.

At 125, I still have lots of ab and thigh adipose, but that may just be the way I'm built. I'm fine with that - I feel pretty fit and attractive, but I would like thoughts on what my real "fighting weight" should be.

Any thoughts, my wonderful sparkpeeps?
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    I'm a little late to the game on this conversation, but thought I'd add a bit about body fat percentage. BMI is just a height to weight ratio in can be misleading. A reliable body composition scale will give you an approximate % of your weight that is fat, how many pounds are muscle, the rest is bone, water, etc. For women 20 - 25% body fat is considered healthy. 30% is clinically obese. I've set my goal for that range. I am 5'0", so I expect that to be in the 120 -125 weight range, but I'm not sure.

    Drugstore.com seems to have real good prices on the Ironman body composition scales. I did a caliper body fat fat test at my gym. My scale was within 1/2% of the caliper test.

    Hope this helps.
    2125 days ago
    I gave myself a goal range, but not until I had already surpassed where I thought I would end up. I wasn't so strict with the "number," especially because of the whole muscle vs. fat thing. I'm also 5' 2'' and I'm pretty comfortable between 115-120. I don't sweat it until I get right up to the 120, and then I know I have to pull back a bit, but what's more important to me is that I can live in that range and still eat out, indulge sometimes, have a dessert once in a while, etc. As long as I keep exercising, which is now a way of life that I really enjoy, I can eat like that and be in that range which seems to work and keep me in the same size clothes! I can't afford to replace my wardrobe again!
    Hope this helped. Enjoy your weekend! emoticon
    2185 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I know that being 3 pounds under my goal makes me feel safer in maintenance..so I have a cushion. I would go with how you feel..Do you like the way your clothes fit? Good luck figuring it out. It is not easy. I changed my goal twice..

    Hope you get some heat in your class.
    2201 days ago
    And again we are at the same point. I have been thinking the same things lately! I am a helicopter right now, hovering around my goal, but freaking if I go to much over it. I still want a little more tone too, but don't want to starve myself to get there. If you account for the boobs you sport, then that 103 probably is more like 107, hehe.
    2202 days ago
    Sent you an email...
    2202 days ago
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