Oh I am so sad for any that are in pain daily

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This past month or so, my pain had gone from nill ( 2 days) to 3-5 to weell over 10. whew. When I went to chiro a few months back and he did 2 treatments I didnt fare well. Yesterday I went to his wife also chiro and she used this little manipulator gun thing and asked me first I said I don't know, Jason told you last time not to but I don't know about this time. So she did, felt okay. Got home was not bad, took dad to do his taxes so so. Then 8 pm or so starting to hurt, woke at 2:15 said to hubby are you coming to bed soon, yes please bring the ice up. So still took long while to get comfy. if there was over 10 in pain scale be a 18 for sure.
So fell asleep and allie woke me at 6:25 slowwwwwwww and short even without ice etc but too bad.
Lesson learned no more chiro till after knee surg. or till less inflamed. I told him the chiro, that I am not go back, as seems if they put my back in aligment, it make s my knee so sore( have my big off loading brace on today) but last night was both. This am after our walk it is my butt cheek for sure but feels deeep intense pain not the sharp shooting pain I had with sciatica on the othter side. I still will say this pain isn't as bad as last years sciatica so keep telling myself that and that I can still walk, move, rest to some degree... so thankful for that measure of relief. but this is totally why I am scared to get my knee done, my back is so bad. So hopefully my knee will help my back.
I go to physio for my knee and hamstring on thurs. I am wondering if that is part of this, my knee is not bending, hamsstring tight which makes my butt tight, hence pulls baack, and knee. yesterday she got me to lay on my belly and my R leg woldnt' lay on the table for about an inch, she said oh yea that is tight.
Anyway........ such is my story and now let's see. I am doing well otherwise, mind is doing okay lol we are getting dad really sorted out and looking more like an apt. not just a stopping point lol Hubby got the stereo, the new smoke detectors, and more shelves up. He also helped him sort more stuff. I got some stuff up on shelves a box of decorations undone and up. Today more of the same, only 3 boxes of puter stuff but that can be sorted and put away ow that the stereo is off those shelves. Then just a tidy on thur eve and we are done till he can get his stuff out to cut trim etc. then door frames, baseboard and closet doors thats it.
Today, depends how well I move, but be down there for some and thats about it, unless my flying apron is at the library, taking a long time considering I was first, but they said the person hasn't returned it. I did get 3 gluten free books from library yesterday, one is 1,000 recipes and had to get hubby to carry it lol
Okay off to do a bit more, stood to do some of this sat for some. I will survive and come out of this feeling fine later, no lasting effects but know I will be cancelling the apt for next week. I just have to see how close I am to my 500 dollar cut off on my insurance, cos then can send the balances that my insurnace hasn't paid to hubby's but have to spend it all first. lol they always get you !!!
talk later I it will be a more positive blog I promise!!! HUGS thanks for always listening and helping me buddies. I know there are more here that are in such worse pain and problems than I and I wish them relief in which ever ways they need.
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    Hope things start feeling better--through whatever means necessary.
    1866 days ago
    so sorry to hear about more pain you are having but you have a fighting spirit and I think although at times a drag Allie is a big help as it gives you a reason to walk

    1869 days ago
    i hope tommorrow brings you less pain and more happiness
    1870 days ago
    I have always heard good things about chiros but it apparently does not work for everyone.

    I need to see if our library has any gluten free cookbooks.

    Your dad's place is really coming along.
    1870 days ago
    Cinders I hope as the day wears on your pain subsides and you can move more.
    Keep positive hun.
    I have a new saying; It's just a bad day, not a bad life, I've seen you eyes- you were born to fight.

    You;ll come through hun, you're as tough as old boots emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1870 days ago
    So sorry for all your pain. Admire your good attitude. That attitude is likely to help you find the cure you need. Sometimes it is trial and error on figuring it out. You are so right to be thankful that you are not a chronic pain person. My year with pain also made me very, very thankful and less likely to judge others, not knowing what they are going through. Take care. Best wishes for repaired and recovered knees. May that help the back and all your other aches and pains. HUGS. -Marsha
    1870 days ago
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