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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pretty simple and straight forward ... and sometimes it's all it takes to turn the tides around.

I have 2 good days under my belt and ready to keep building and adding to the momentum. I want to thank all who commented on my blog yesterday - those who feel like me and find themselves stuck back at a stop where they once left behind... well like you I'm ready to leave it behind for good!

I know it will happen so long as I don't look back and keep making choices day by day that will support it. I read a blog from a fellow team member PRETTYPITHY and I have to share this very simple yet insightful quote...

"People do manage to lose weight and keep it off. I know some of them, and I've probably corresponded with hundreds. Their secret? They figured out how they gained weight, and did the opposite until they lost it."

We ALL know what it takes to lose weight. It's not rocket science... it's calories in, calories out and the balance with the intake of exercise, etc. I know for my own weight gain - there were some emotional factors that brought on the weight gain... divorce, loss of loved ones, stress, loss of jobs, financial difficulties... so a BIG correction point is avoiding emotional eating. For me blogging/journaling is a way to do this. By sharing in black and white if you may, it allows me to put those thoughts into words and to deal with them. The biggest value comes from YOUR feedback my friends. When I see I'm not alone, or even better, if by sharing and opening up I am helping someone else - then BONUS!!

The other things that led to my weight gain - drinking too much alcohol which always would roll into eating the wrong kinds of foods while I was having drinks. So my focus is to reduce the amount of alcohol I drink - and for now it means abstaining for a while as it's a point that I need to get control over (not the other way around). Again - another big BONUS about SP ... the support of the community teams and for this purpose the team I help co-lead "Cutting Down the Booze" is perfect to help me with this aspect. What is great about the team is that they 'get it'... the struggle I have around this issue. Those who do not drink or have never faced the issues I face around it can't understand the day to day struggle ... and it's not one that fits in the category of me needing professional help... just the SP friend kind of help when we are trying to achieve a common goal.

Today is my third day AF (alcohol free) or as another member put it - free of spirits... My focus is to find alternative things to give me that relief or 'high' I sought out whenever I am tempted to have a drink. I know I can do this ... and I know this is the biggest obstacle to my weight loss (and as I have stated before weight re-gain). The pattern is going to be broken and today is the third day in my doing so!!

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