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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

My only son gets married in 4 days on Saturday, April 13th. Not only am I the mother of the groom, my duties have included catering nearly the whole shebang for approximately 175 guests, helping make the invitations which were all individually handmade, helping make all of the bouquets, making the bird seed favors, candy favors, scripting the wedding ceremony from start to finish, having the programs printed, writing something for me to read at the wedding per the bride's request, calming the bride-to-be and groom, shopping, shopping, and more shopping for everything from cups to plates to chafing service. The menu will consist of skewers of Chicken Yakitori, skewers of grilled veggies, fried rice and white rice, salad, and sushi (the sushi is being purchased elsewhere). On Friday we will spend the day at the Cabins and Cottages at Canyon Lake where the wedding and reception is to be held grilling the meat and veggies. I'll be spending Thursday chopping up chicken breasts and marinating them. We've hired some teens to heat everything and set it all out during the ceremony. I made 15 gallon sized freezer bags full of fried rice and white rice the other day and put it in the deep freeze until the day before. I'm so sick of rice I can barely stand the sight of it!

During all of this I have managed to get muscle fiber tears in my hamstring and my calf. What started out as minor limping and dull pain bloomed into having to hold onto furniture and walls to walk and pain that kept me awake at night. On Friday I gave in to the pain and went to the doctor where I found out I had really done a number on myself. On Monday I was at an Airrosti Certified Practitioner having massive amounts of pain inflicted on me by a lovely young woman and paying her to do it.

What is Airrosti? It stands for Applied Integration for the Rapid Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries and is a treatment for both acute & chronic musculoskeletal injuries. What the doctor does is manipulate the "fascia", or
connective tissue of the muscles. Here is a quote from their website:
"While it is important to assess and treat all aspects of the musculoskeletal system associated with any specific injury, one cannot ignore the role and importance of fascial tissue. Why? Fascia, or connective tissue, has little to no blood supply and therefore its healing capabilities are limited. When you suffer an injury, the fascial tissue will remain distorted until manually corrected. What is Fascia? Fascia is a thin sheet of connective tissue that covers everything from bones to muscles, organs, arteries, veins and nerves. Fascia provides a smooth, low friction environment for muscle contraction and relaxation. It wraps around bony surfaces, creating an attachment surface for tendons and ligaments. It holds the body's organs in place. It transmits tension for vital movements from muscle to tendon to bone and from ligament to bone. It creates a supportive and movable conduit for nerves, blood and lymph vessels as they pass through and between muscle"

"MANUALLY" correct it is EXACTLY what they do. Airrosti Rehab HURTS. It is NOT for the faint of heart, I promise you! I was trying to come up with a way to explain what it feels like. I guess the best way is to have you imagine a big lump of clay. Now push your finger into it and make an indentation. That clay is going to hold that shape and never change unless someone or something comes along and changes it. What the Airrosti doctor does is called "fascia release". She stuck her fingers into my flesh until she reached that "clay lump" and reshaped it...and it HURT! But you know what? I felt about 30% better when I left and I was limping MUCH LESS. By this morning I was at about a 50% improvement. I'm confident that after my next appointment she will have me able to dance (limited) at my son's wedding. The thought of not being able to was really getting me down!

I see her again on Thursday and then on the following Monday. She used kinesiology tape on my leg in hot pink, which she will change to a beige color for the wedding so it won't show so much with my dress. The tape stabilizes joints and supports the musculature to decrease pain while increasing the body's ability to reduce swelling, decreases pressure around pain receptors in the skin, lifts the skin to allow increased lymphatic absorption of excess fluid while reducing bruising from the actual therapy I am receiving. Here's a blurry cam/phone pic of my leg:

I'm kind of addicted to my DDP Yoga. It's resistance training, strength training, and cardio training all wrapped into one. It is "possible" I injured my leg doing it. It is also "possible" I injured my leg when I slid across the floor on a house slipper left at the bottom of the stairs. I doubt we will ever know which was the culprit, but I would give up house slippers before my DDPY, that is for sure. I'm sad that it will be a few weeks until I can do it again. It sure makes me feel stronger and more flexible! If you are interested, here is the website. The DVDs aren't really cheap, but they have great payment plans!

I went a full month gluten-free and sugar-free with one incident where I indulged in gluten products and got sick as a dog for an entire evening. I'm still relatively sugar-free, and almost completely gluten-free. This has resulted in a 12 pound loss without any other dietary restrictions. I stayed within my calorie range of 1300-1600 calories per day, which is where I have kept my range for quite some time. I know calories are calories, but eliminating and/or restricting these items has made a difference for me!

I've been virtually absent on Spark except for tracking for over a month now. The wedding and my injury have really zapped my time. My local team has been sorely neglected. I'll be back in the saddle very, very soon. SparkPeople are MY people and I've missed you all a lot. The next time I post I should have lots of wedding pics and happiness to report. As always, I love you all.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are a super Mom! I have one of my own so I can recognize one at a glance. Take care of your self and I will pray for you to get well soon.
    2200 days ago
    It's okay to take time off when you're busy! I'm so sorry about your leg injury, but I'm glad you're able to get it healed up, especially in time for your son's wedding!

    I've dabbled with DDP for about a month, but only a workout here and there. I started my official first 30 days today. I do like it. :)

    Looking forward to your positive presence again when you are able to catch your breath for a minute! :)
    2201 days ago
    Best of luck with all the wedding plans. I remember doing my own wedding 7 years ago. I did everything BUT the catering - it's TONS of work. But the big day was beautiful, so you will love the payoff in the end.

    I have never heard of kinesiology tape, but it makes sense. I damaged my achilies tendon and hamstring doing a sprint across my nursing unit to keep a patient from falling out of bed (she was post stroke and didn't remember she couldn't walk anymore...) That is a difficult injury to get over, glad the deep facia manipulation is working so well.

    Enjoy the Wedding! and best wishes to the happy couple.
    2201 days ago
    Sounds like you could have a career as "The Wedding Planner" - Best wishes to accomplish all that you have going right now in ways that will honor your efforts!!!
    2201 days ago
    It's funny, because when I first started doing Airrosti, I thought that the manipulation would hurt no matter where she pressed - it felt like the pressing was the painful part. However, since then, I've had her work on different areas, and periodically she goes to press in an area that she thinks might be contributing to an injury, and I feel no pain at all. So it really is exactly what they say it is. I'm currently working on my shoulders, and I see her on Monday too! Makes me wonder what time your appointment is at - I might see you there! :) I'm so glad it's helping you, MJ, and our particular doctor is a gem! :D
    2201 days ago
    WoW! Lady, you are a dynamo! Now all you need to do is get Ordained so that you can be a one woman wedding show. LOL
    You made me winded just reading your blog. Mmmmmmm wonder if I can get any points for that!
    Seriously, you MUST NOT forget MJ in all this. Please take care of yourself, and hope that leg is better soon.
    2201 days ago
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