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Square Girl tries on a Round Hoop

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I have never used a hula hoop. Not even once as a child in the 60s. Yep, I'm that square. I'm so square I've also never been drunk, never lit up a joint and never tried any of those other wild parties that were still common on campus before people heard about AIDs in the late 80s. Despite all that, I do love music. All kinds, from funk to opera, as long as it's made by people, not machines.

I spent ten years in a town that still had speak-easies. I used to play pool in them, largely because I wanted to pick the brain of a man who knew off the wall music better than I. I was a dj for a radio station then, and just for fun, I'd play at least triplets of songs on unusual topics. Before computers, tell me: how hard do you think it must be to find songs about kangaroos or dogs that people would actually LISTEN to?

I must have been really depressed about not getting in my first choice for nursing school. My second choice, the only other place I applied, may or may not choose me. So I've been bummed. But I think last night I was officially over it. I suddenly realized I have three days with some FREE TIME!!! OMG!!! And I was in the house all by myself with the dogs and nothing to do but cook dinner before my husband got home. I turned on a P-Funk CD (no one understands why I like it so I play it about once a year) and danced my fool head off while I made Indian curry. I can't dance. But the Boston terrier yipped and yapped and the poodle barked and spun around in circles and we had a great time. And when the CD was over and I picked another one, I thought: I can do this. I can be happy without nursing school.

This morning I gave blood. After I ate a little and decided I wouldn't faint, I went to the gym to do some sensible exercise after losing a pint of blood - just walking on a treadmill. Nothing too drastic. But there was music down the hall and I was curious about what Zumba looked like. So after I did two miles, I walked down there and poked my head in. They had hula hoops! Grown women with hula hoops! I was fascinated.

I saw Michelle Obama with one on a video. She looked fabulous. Like it was easy. These woman also seemed to think it was easy. Most of them had their arms up at shoulder level or above and were whirling their hips like dervishes. Only one woman in the back looked like I imagined I would look - red faced and flustered and dropping her hoop over and over.

The teacher stopped talking over her microphone and grabbed an extra hoop and I thought "OMG. She saw me." And sure enough, she came over with the hoop and asked if I'd like to join. Ugghhh... but she smiled so prettily. And I'm a southerner, sort of, and she might as well have been holding out cookies. I protested but not too hard. She protested back. Next thing you know, I had a hoop around my waist and she was showing me assorted ways to rock my hips while I was protesting that I didn't have any... just thighs masquerading as hips and she was pshawing over top of me that I do too have hips and just rock them already!

So I did. I dropped the hoop, but no more than the other obviously new person. And I'll go back next week. Because she's fun. The other ladies were nice. And because maybe I can do this, too.
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    OMG, I'm laughing at both you and Laurie - have fun with the hula hoop (but the pot is optional!)
    1895 days ago
    I could hula hoop as a kid, but as an adult - not so much. It's great you are trying this. I loved the image of you and the dogs dancing in the kitchen!

    1895 days ago
    You are Shiraz Solly: Of course you can swing a hula hoop. It's be easier, y'know, if you take a couple of hits off a joint. Imagine the joy of catching up on hula hoops and pot simultaneously.

    Your application is in at the second school. It's easy to say, but make an effort to shut off the speculation on the decision. You gave it your best and all you can do now is wait, but not at the mailbox. I very much it goes as you'd like.

    1895 days ago
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