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April so far!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013


I've been tracking away, but haven't been on the "community" parts of the site as much.... BUSY BUSY BUSY. (Not SHRINKING SARA busy, but busy!)

Here's what I'm up to:

Plus the usual, cleaning and other household stuff.

All that makes me want to

But it's going okay.

Exercise: So far I have worked out 6/9 days in April. Not bad! I've done a lot of strength training - upper body and my physical therapy stuff.

1 swim of 30 laps, 1 day of upper body only ST, a mile swim (54 laps), swim class (high level butt kicking!), PT + upper body ST, and my long swim today - I did a bunch of drills that added up to a mile.

Saturday's class was good. I am still the slowest, but by the end of class I'm holding my own a little better because everyone gets tired faster than I do. Hahaha!

Today I did a much better job pushing myself, I think. Normally outside of class I just swim at a "comfortable" (aka, SUPER SLOW) pace for as long as I can; today I actually worked on stuff I was bad at on Saturday. That would be 1) breathing on both sides during freestyle. I normally breathe to my right, but she made us try both on Sat and I was sucking water; 2) breathing less often, 3) speed, and 4) the dreaded butterfly.

I think I did okay, actually. It was harder than my usual swims, but not as hard as class. I got a little better at both breathing things. Speed.... eh. Will take time. But I have a good strategy, for now, I think - I did intervals, 1.5 laps slow then 0.5 lap as fast as I can, repeat, the goal being to not stop and rest after any half lap, just keep going. I did 10 laps like that. I also worked on butterfly kick and that will take time as well. Because I'm AWFUL. haha.

Swimming helps with the muscle soreness from strength training, so all around I feel great - a little soreness to let me know I worked hard enough, and a great calorie burn from the swimming.

I need to:

1) Get back to keeping a training log for ST. I am terrible at remembering how much weight I lifted the last time I did an exercise, so I am probably not increasing weights as much as I could be.

2) Keep pushing the "sprint" drills for swimming. I take it easy on myself too much; I want to still enjoy it but I also want to be better in class. I'm going to keep going to class as much as I can, and practice what I can during the week.


Eh. Hahaha. Hit or miss! It's going better than March, a little. WAY better than Feb though. Mostly my average looks shaky right now because of Sunday. For some reason I ate like a maniac on Sunday. It's weird but I think exercising suppresses my appetite - I seem to have bigger problems with eating on rest days! On Sunday I ate a good breakfast, but waited too long for lunch and got munchy with Easter candy. Bleh. Then we went to a friend's place for dinner & I just ate toooo much. It was good though.

I've been trying to hit the low end of my calorie range, so when I "go over" I just go over to the higher end of the range. This is working for me. When I aim for the top of my range I often miss, putting me out of the range. So far in April most days have been lower in the range; I had one near the top, and of course Sunday was way over.

Sodium has been high so far, but eh. I'll work on that later... I'm doing better keeping my protein up, but still struggling to get fiber back in range or above.

Yesterday and today have both been good - shoveling veggies in my face hole like it's my job. (note to self - draw a cartoon of this for next time)

I also discovered a new love. Whenever I try a new recipe (or make something I haven't made in a long time) I announce that it is my favorite and I'm going to make it every week forever. Husby no longer believes me because I say this a lot, hahahaha. But I might be serious this time. Check this out:


I was inspired, but of course, I can't just make a recipe AS DIRECTED. So I messed with it. haha.

Mine has 3c of veggies in place of the 2c of potatoes (1c each chopped frozen spinach, broccoli, and kale) half eggs half egg beaters, Isernio chicken sausage instead of turkey, and only a half cup cheese. I left out the salt. Sausage and cheese = enough salt. Also, I divided it into 6 servings instead of 8.

A 6th of a 9x11" pan is pretty big! And it only has 230 calories; 30g protein plus a full serving of veggies. BEAST BREAKFAST ACTIVATE.

I'm so in love with it I won't let husby eat any. (I made it on Saturday. If he'd wanted some then he could've had some but he declined and ate pie instead. Now I love it too much. TOO LATE YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE! hahahahaha)

My challenge this week will probably be healthy dinners, if we end up going out house hunting in the evenings. Other big challenge: My birthday. Hopefully dinner itself I am able to keep portions and junk in control. Because I'm going to eat a big piece a cake. This is a plan. I don't care if I go over my calories that day - CAKE! Then the next day - no cake. This is also part of the plan. haha.

So I'm looking forward to that.

After my birthday, it's 2 weeks until my 6 week ST class starts, so I'm pretty excited.

The scale is kind of sitting still right now, but that's normal for me. I just had a big drop of weight between March 11th and last week, plus given where I am in my cycle it's just normal that the scale should be stagnant. I expect to see a small drop next week, maybe a half pound or something, and then probably plateau some more before I start creeping down again.

I WILL take before pictures and measurements before I start my ST class! I'm excited to see what differences there might be.

Stay pretty, peoples. Smoochie.
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    Swimming class sounds like fun. Hey don't worry about eating so so me too.
    1838 days ago
    I love your drawings! I think I make that same face when I do strength training!

    I'm glad your month is going well so far. Definitely keep the log for ST. I made myself go back through and do that, and I'm just lucky I could remember what I had done. It's one of the ways you can really see progress and even a motivator to kick up the reps/weight every so often.

    That breakfast casserole looks...interesting. I was suspicious of the greek yogurt: does it have a texture like cheese? Do you really taste it?
    1840 days ago
    Good for you! Love the drawings emoticon Now that Hubs has gone back to work, I HOPE to get back on track. I love the man beyond belief, but he is NOT diet friendly. He loves the results I've gotten, though emoticon and even though I didn't get to the Y, I still got some cardio done...lalalalala emoticon

    Maybe tomorrow I will make it to the pool...depends how bad my knees are still aching. Stupid things. HEAL FASTER! Yeah, kind of like telling the boobs and butt to shrink faster. Just not happening.

    Ah well. Still better than it used to be! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!
    emoticon emoticon

    1841 days ago
  • MINEA999
    Love the pics! Very informative, lol.

    I also LOVE that recipe! I'm inviting friends over for brunch and this would be perfect to make up the night before! Yum!!

    I just went swimming the other day for the first time in months. Maybe even a year. I did 30 laps and I felt great (a little sore the next day, but nothing major). I had forgotten how meditative and calming swimming can be. It's really good for your cardio too - without the sweat!

    I'm not very fast, but I am able to breath on both sides and wait an arm rotation before the next breath. But I've never even attempted the butterfly. All in due time!

    Keep up the great work!
    1841 days ago
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