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This might be my body punishing me...Or a Wake-up Call

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Yesterday I ate a party pizza with a side of cheese pleeser's (they're off brand cheese puffs) for lunch. I'll admit it. I eat those things still. I probably shouldn't but I did. I was still within calorie range, so that was good, and I had eaten a healthy breakfast, and I was intending to have a healthy dinner. It would have been fine. That was around 1:00 when I came home from school.
Fast forward to about 2:00 when I'm in my last class, and my stomach started hurting. It felt like my pants were on slightly too tight, and I thought that was the case because of gas and bloating due to my TOM coming up. Class went until about 3:20, and afterwards, I met up with my sister and my mom across the street. They had come to campus to check out the careers in gerontology fair. I let them park in my driveway and we just walked to campus so they didn't have to pay for parking, or struggle to find a parking spot. We had all left early to campus so they could get something to eat and so I could show them what building it was all going to be in.
It was just wrapping up as I got there.

Anywho, I find them, and then we all walk home, and they leave. That's when the trouble started.
My stomach apparently decided to reenact a revolution and from yesterday afternoon on, I had bouts of ...well, typical reactions to food poisoning. The first thing I thought of was that darned pizza. I never want to eat one of those ever again! Or any pre-made frozen food for that matter! I was up and down about 6 times, and the weird thing is I didn't actually feel nauseous, or any other symptom of food poisoning. I had taken a nap earlier in the afternoon, and stayed up until about midnight, after I finally thought I could safely go to sleep without waking myself up to an unpleasant surprise.
I'm not really sure what caused it exactly though. I text messaged other people I was with to see if they were feeling okay. Looks like I'm the only one. My poor emetophobic fiance was so afraid last night that I might have a spreadable virus. He didn't even sleep in bed with me.

I will definitely be more wary of frozen foods from now on. I looked online for a recall in my state, but there wasn't one. The funny thing is I was just expressing in my sociology class that in spite of the advances in how food can be mass-produced, people are more overweight and sick than ever. I am taking the day off from school today to continue my recovery. Luckily, I only have 2 classes today. One was at 8 this morning, and the other isn't until 7 tonight.

There is a girl in my class that eats really healthy foods. I wouldn't call her a "health nut" because that is a derogatory term that implies she's crazy for enjoying green smoothies and natural foods. I think I'm going to talk to her about her lifestyle and see if I can pick her brain for some ideas for mine.

I think the most interesting thing is that I had literally eaten whatever I wanted last week. I had lost track of my tracking during spring vacation-even though I told myself that I was going to track everything no matter what. I still decided that I needed to start slow. Once again, I just tracked my normal intake, and for the week, I did successfully. I decided that my goal for the next week was going to be focusing on my water intake and slowly cutting back calories. I also made made a motivational chart last Sunday and hung it on my wall. I will weigh in every Monday and write it on that chart for the next 44 Mondays. The last date on there is February 3rd 2014.
Today's food will consist of small amounts of bananas, saltines, and white rice. Basically foods that can even out my stomach. I might even throw in a Gatorade or a Pedialyte somewhere in there because I'm so dehydrated. I'm afraid to actually drink anything though, so I've been chewing on ice here and there.

My take away from this experience (which isn't over yet unfortunately) is I should be more mindful of the foods I'm eating. Just because I can fit it into my allotment for the day doesn't mean it's healthy for me. It doesn't mean I should be eating it. The other take away here is I should really stick to one serving. That party pizza I had was 2 servings, but I ate the entire thing-which did NOT help me in the long run. It was too much food.
I'm going to hold off on the gym for the rest of the week for obvious reasons, to make sure that I'm 100% better before exercising. Good thing I had a really good work out on Sunday.

I'm fortunate to not be in any real pain. If this is some kind of virus, I'll be really surprised. I was advised to call a doctor if symptoms persist more than 48 hours. I guess out of all this, I get a day off from school. My teacher already cancelled class for the one class I have on Friday, so on top of that, this weekend will be a three-day. Pretty awesome.

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    I think sometimes the body needs to rid itself of something unhealthy or toxic. I had the same experience this past weekend! I am not sure what did it. I did a 5k race Saturday morning with my dad and we went out for breakfast afterward. I ordered a bacon, cheese and avocado omelette with hash browns. I felt ok. That night, we went to my mother in law's and had a heavy meal of Mexican food....woke up the next morning so sick and was sick all day! I think it was my body telling me the same. Just because it can fit in you calorie range, it doesn't mean you should eat it, just like you said! I took Pepto bismol and it helped. Hope you feel better soon! emoticon
    2139 days ago
    I don't think our bodies mean to 'punish' us but they sure signal to us what is healthy and what isn't!
    2139 days ago
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