Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Yesterday went fairly well with my workouts. Went down to the gym on both my 15 min breaks. Managed to get in 30 mins total and ending walking a total of 1.45 miles.....which is a personal best for me (for two 15 min breaks). So almost got to a mile and a half.
I did go over my calories, but it was less than 100. So I am not to worried about that. I mean I did indulge in a doughnut that I normally would not eat.

Not sure whats on the agenda for dinner tonight though. Im thinking we will probably go out. If so I will get a salad.

Planning on going down to the gym again today (on both my 15 min breaks) on the treadmill. We have ONE working treadmill right now. I called the owners this morning and reported that the other one is not working. So hopefully it gets fixed asap.

I also want to come in EARLY tomorrow morning and get a good 30 mins in before I start work. Hopefully the other treadmill is fixed or no one else is in there. Usually isnt when I go (5:40am), but you never know. Id hate to have to do it later in the day.

I have been getting in more water. But hasnt been up to 8 cups. Only been doing about 5. So that is something I am struggling with. I drink 2 bottles at work but need to drink more when I go home as well.

Yesterday I realized Ive went to gym every single day (except Sundays) since March 18th. I think i did miss one Monday. But Ive been going whether its 15 mins or an hour. I am pretty proud of myself.

Have a good one

P.s I go get my hearing aid on the 23rd! Happy about that.
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