Not a great start to Monday

Monday, April 08, 2013

So it can only get better!!! One thing that is surprising me is that my thumbs hurt enough to barely be able to type. MAN!!!
Had a good day yesterday, didn't do a ton even though it may have sounded like it so I know I didn't over do it so that isn't the pain cause. Woke this am at 5 in +10 pain R waist side, butt were so sore, no matter how I laid. Got up after hearing allie just before 6:30 and barely got my lower half dressed, had to turn bra around to hook. Though man what is all this intense pain from. Is the weather to change back to winter LOL it is dull and damp today.
Got allie out, sllllllllllllllooow walk and not too far she was good today thank heavens. Whew.

So yesterday am, I didnt remember to take my pills to the restaurant and ddint take them when we got home. So down 2 glucosamine MsM, and 2 curcumin. Also forgot to go on sat to get more magnesium so not as many of those. I wish I had only forgotten 1 type of pill so I could swe what is helping. Anyway thinking that is what it is. Off to get more mag. this am.
can'tget over how bad my thumbs are, and my back and knee when I stand up or move. sitting right now is okay but know I wont be able to get up.

Anyway........ today is help dad day, I will be doing minimal stuff but we have to get more tidy adn boxes done. I will shred for a bit then do a bit more.
Okay have to leave here for while and ice my thumbs. HUGS and will be back with a better update than this!!!
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