Monday, April 08, 2013

The aches and pains are gradually lessening but the Terrace Floor remains hard and tough---I have started carrying a Cushion for my poor knees----to be used as padding when I kneel!!However at night I take stock--what is more uncomfortable--my butt--my knees or my shoulders--all are in the race to come out the Winner!!
The Weather is very chameleon like--changing from pleasant in the mornings and evenings to becoming blisteringly hot in the afternoons--I'm feeling every bit of my age if I have to step out during that period----one good thing may come of it though--the sloshing around of the liquid in the stomach automatically helps to keep the portions at mealtimes small--so it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise!!However I spend my time these days by finishing my cooking early in the mornings--come 11 a.m. and the Kitchen turns into a Furnace!!It has been a long time since I've spent the entire Summer in Mumbai--and this one promises to be a right royally fiery one!!
I'm on a Pickling spree--the last of the Red,sweet Delhi Carrots and Turnips are being pickled together with Daikon Radishes--and even though I say it myself the result is truly awesome!!The bottles of Lemon syrup and raw Mango " Panna" are safely ensconced in the 'Fridge as coolers for anyone who visits during the summer.Making these reminds me of Sudhir's penchant for offering a cold drink to everyone who rang our Doorbell--I had a bevy of Courier Boys dropping by to offer their Condolences to me after he passed away!!My Yoga Sessions ensure a deep sleep at night--and I'm becoming adept at focussing on the work at hand---and not allowing my thoughts to stray deeper into the sensitive territory locked away in the recesses of my mind!!!
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