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Monday, April 08, 2013

A full week into April! emoticon
Can you believe it! emoticon
I don't know what it's like in your part of the world, but here in "north central western Wisconsin" (does anyone really know what part of the state we're in? lol) SPRING is finally SPRINGING!!! There's a few scattered mounds of snow remaining; but I'm beginning to see GREEN emoticon outside! emoticon
Hard to believe this was out my window just a few days ago...

I should have taken some pics today - it was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon!
But we had so much to do...some left over from days I wasn't up to doing so much this past week. For me, the weeks begin on Mondays. I like to use Sunday to make sure everything is set up nicely to have an easy start to the week.

When everything you do is based "at home" it can be a challenge to actually accomplish anything because so many people tend to think, "oh, she's home, she can probably do __fill-in-the-blank___ for me/us" like they think because someone is "home" they aren't doing anything important. Of course, some of this is my fault, because that's how I thought at one time too and because in the past I had a really, really hard time saying "NO!" to people asking me to do things for them or with them. That's something I've worked on A LOT during the last year or so... since my son's horrible accident. We don't know yet how everything with that is going to end up. I can tell you he's not the same person in many ways. I can tell you we still have tons of bills from that day and months of therapies that followed. I can tell you we've all learned a whole lot about stuff we would've been fine never knowing about! All that leads to my adjusting my thinking about so many things!

My core remains the same! First & foremost is my faith in Jehovah God and living a life within that which he approves. Family follows... my children, my siblings, my nieces & nephews, my parents, etc. Doing what I perceive as necessary to provide for them whatever's appropriate at the the best of my ability then. To do that, given my world of disabilities, presents numerous challenges. How does one work a typical job when one can't even stand or stay in the same position for more than 15-20 minutes at a time? How does one work a normal job when exhaustion and pain can suddenly take over - ending the day, or the week, without notice? Ahhh, this is why, or at least partly why, I ended up eligible for disability pay! I truly do not comprehend the reasoning of thinking that someone disabled can or should survive on LESS an income than they were surviving on before the disability! Yes, I know, they aren't working anymore so what are they getting paid for? But shouldn't "disability pay" at least be equal to what they were making? I mean, who actually tries to become disabled? Do others think that the disabled body equates to a disabled mind and such a one won't realize the lesser income? Ohhh, there's so much more I could say on this! But that is not what I started out to do... so let's get back on track here.

We've just about finished 14 weeks of 2013 now. I began my own 100-Day Personal Self-Improvement Plan back on 12/26/12 (about 15 wks ago) and that 'officially' ended this weekend. Tomorrow, will I begin another 100-day plan? or not? IDK yet. :) But looking back at what I have accomplished these past 14-15 weeks I find I'm satisfied that progress has been made, new habits have become easier, and it really is possible for someone like me to SEE SUCCESS!!!

Someone like me ~ I say that because one thing I've fought for a number of years is ME, who I am really, or what I believe of myself. Most of my life, save the last 10-12 years, I have been surrounded by people who almost constantly belittled me, made me feel like I was beneath them and not worthy of whatever they had (whether I wanted it or not). At the time, I didn't even realize this!

My point in saying all this is that THIS WEEK, beginning Monday (tomorrow), I will be starting off with greater confidence, greater self-respect, greater optimism, and greater hopes than I think I've ever had in my whole life!


Why? ~ because, I believe, of SPARK PEOPLE!

I know I've done the work. I'm the one who's ultimately responsible for my own progress. But I've been here, struggling, for almost 7 years now and can honestly say I've never had THIS feeling before! I was going to write more on my pain management techniques (as I said I would in an earlier blog), but in doing what I've come to do each Sunday this year I realized the tremendous amount of progress I've had in just 14-15 weeks! It caught me by surprise! It hasn't happened to me before! Seriously! In the past, I'd start strong and then fade out before finishing - too many things would get in the way.

What has changed?
My faith hasn't changed.
My family hasn't changed.
My finances haven't changed.
My disabilities haven't changed.
My attitude... well, maybe there have been some changes there. But I'm sure they would not have come about without SP.
SP is what really has changed - more specifically - HOW I USE SPARKPEOPLE has changed! (I'm thinking that SparkCoach may have a lot to do with this too)
I am on here daily!
I track all my food daily!
I track all my exercise and N.E.A.T. activities daily!
I do something to interact with other Spark-members daily!
I read blogs & articles & new items; saving those that I've taken something useful from- daily!
I watch at least 1 video of some sort - daily!
I am open to learning more ways to take better care of myself!
So, in other words, SPARKPEOPLE is key to the positive changes in my life lately!

This is just the 1st Quarter of 2013! Wonder what the 2nd Quarter will bring?!

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