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25 days without the scale and 75 Days Until Summer!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

I have ditched the scale for 25 days.

I've focused on the things that I can control with (mostly) laser like focus: Tracking my food, drinking my water and upping my fitness.

It has not all been roses. It has not been all thorns. It has not been perfect.

But.... I'm going to declare it 25 days of "mostly perfect."

Take away whatever you want from that statement!

It has been 25 days of mostly relaxed disinterest about food and, dare I say has grown a little boring.

Tracking my food, drinking my water and getting in some sort of extra, intentional movement and fitness everyday; day in and day out. Can I do this for the rest of my life?

It must be noted that gaining weight, feeling crappy about myself and then losing weight and feeling great about myself has been a large part of my identity for most of my life.

You know what I'm talking about. The "joy" of finding a "new" diet. The adrenaline and exhilaration in the altering of your life "for the better". The anticipation of the "big payoff" for all the "hard work." The "sharing" with others on that particular bandwagon. Dieting has part and parcel of my persona for a very long time!!

What happens in 75 days when summer comes and the scale and I reunite?

Will I be able to look at the results of this 99 days before summer and be satisfied? And then continue on....plod, plod, plod....

Am I ready to commit and be faithful for a lifetime to this boring, safe and (hopefully) effective routine?

Whence summer comes....will I be able to "fit into the dress" and say....

I, Michelle, take you food, water and fitness, to be my partner in life from this day forward; to have and to track just the right amount of food, to drink my water faithfully and to add some intentional, extra amount of movement and fitness from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

I'm not sure what part the scale will play in this little drama. Maybe it will grab me around my (hopefully) more slender waist and say, "Please, come back to me baby. Don't you miss me? Don't you miss our love/hate thing?"

It seems like a silly question. But what will I say in reply?

Will I, as VHALKYRIE suggests, grasp my scale tenderly and say, "Baby, it was up and down between us. I've spent these past few months wondering what you would say when we met again. But I never knew what you were really saying. Was I gaining (or losing) fat, or was it water? I could never tell with you. I think it best we see other fitness tools."

(I just had to edit that in!!!) emoticon

Stay tuned. I don't even know what the answer will be... but all will be revealed eventually!

This week will be killer busy for me and then I'm out of town next weekend, so not much Sparking will be happening at the computer. Plenty will be happening off the computer!

25 days of track, water, fitness...check, check, check!

Overall Attitude: emoticon

75 Days until summer.

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