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Damon--back in the fold

Saturday, April 06, 2013

emoticon I'm back
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    It is nice to see a face! I go to TOPS, Weight Watchers and Curves and enjoy talking to others that struggle with weight and health issues. I rarely eat fast food but do try to avoid sugar since it makes me want more! Good luck with Craig's List.
    1869 days ago
  • D-ABBY
    I am subscribed to your blogs because I love the "real" I see in you, and I can relate with your struggle. I too am working to stop the end of day eating that so devastates my journey. I too have no in-my-face support group. So I am learning that inspiration is great, but inspiration--whether through Spark or face to face, will only take me so far; for the minute I get away from that thought or face of inspiration, that is the minute I fall away from the inspired. I am learning that my own commitment and resolve are vital to my ability to maintain and walk out the inspiration. I am also learning that looking at everything I need to do to change things is overwhelming and self-defeating for me right now, so the step by step focus on one or two things at a time is vital. And it is working for me. This month I began the resolve to give focus to self-control. But not trying to be self-controlled in everything! That is overwhelming. Instead I settled on two key things that I know will jump start my journey to success, with resolve to add to these once I am strong in these two areas--stopping eating after dinner unless I am truly hungry and then only eating healthy choices; and making sure I get up and dress early for my day so I am ready for what comes. It is greatly helping and I am seeing the benefit already. For my journey, read my April blogs to date. I am praying for you and desire your success. Press on! emoticon if we faint not in the way. BLESSings, Darlene
    1869 days ago
    All of us NEED face-toface connection....I know that this form of communication can't replace that for me. So I do SP and have fun with the vlogs, documenting and writing because I need that too.
    I can meet with people face to face til I'm BLUE in the face, but I NEED time to think about things, share with those *and this is crazy* that DO N OT know me. I think I need the FUN part and that is where SP comes in.
    I can't tell you one other friend that enjoys logging food and counting limits as much as I do. I have to or I won't be successful. So, keep the fun part too no matter what you decide to do. Keep this fun!
    I'm wondering how you can manage the urge to purge at the drive thru...Can you start stocking your vehicle with dried fruit, p-nut butter crackers, etc. and just drive thru and get a yogurt or a plain hamburger? Is there a happy medium with this issue before it ruins your success? I LOVE chocolate but I know I can't have it and be successful.
    I hope you stay in touch with everyone ... Press On! emoticon
    1869 days ago
  • STR458
    oh you brave man going on craig's list!

    anyway, you get the disconnect is the freedom online offers that f2f can't. Disconnect meaning also not having to respond just because I smell who's talking. what a relief.
    My immediate response was you are ready for intimacy partnership- and sure enough that's what you said next during the vlog. I felt pretty smart ! I think you are a wonderful looking & sounding person who will get snatched up fairly quickly. I am glad you pointedly established you will be sparking anyhow. I'm looking forward to how you'll resolve the post-work day slump and get around the drive through food pharmacy. I'm confident you'll come up with a do-able solution .... keep sharing, keep vlogging- emoticon
    1870 days ago
    I think like a lot of us who are struggling through the weight loss becomes unmotivated at times, and really through any motivational website/friends it really comes down to ourselves for that motivation we need constantly. If we were to only rely on others for the full motivation and support we really won't get through this journey. I could be doing a lot better with my weight loss if my fiance was either on a weight loss too, or was more understanding then tempting. It's really hard to do what i know i need to do when i hear him say how he misses burritos or pizza lol. I always had to end up telling him the same thing, "so you miss it, so do i but you mentioning it doesn't make me crave it less and make me happy cuz you have to suffer what you normally eat because i'm dieting" So i have to admit the first 3weeks of my life change i was doing so good. It was all last week that i stopped being so strict on myself. I haven't stepped on my scale because i'm afraid i have gained or close to my beg beginning weight. But after watching your video i'm going to start back up before i totally lose focus. I did find it better that losing weight when i was single was so much easier because i lived with myself therefor i had no temptations, but then again i wouldn't trade him for anything SO i really do wish you luck on succeeding in your goal and hope you get the motivation and love your looking for. I'm going to add you as a friend so besure to keep everyone including myself up to date on how your doing and if you ever need to talk then be sure to reach out. :)
    1870 days ago
    emoticon So glad to see you back. I totally know what you mean about the connection issues on the "puter"... I have a friend here, I wish I could just go have coffee with and discuss our ups and downs, etc.
    I have just recently done an OA meeting online, which was kind of odd. I plan on joining a Senior Center probably next week for $22 a year. They offer all kinds of exercise classes, card groups, and weekly OA meetings. I also need "face to face" connection.
    But, we will see how it goes, when I finally do it. I did get the workbook and the 12 step/12 traditions books. You should maybe try it again?
    Anyway stay connected with something, someone because it does help. We know that!!
    SPARK emoticon

    There is an OA Sparkteam too... check it out! emoticon
    1870 days ago

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