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Saturday, April 06, 2013

I gave this to the pharmacist at the CVS where we do business. He saw to it that I got the right lancets and checked to make sure that the test strips were the proper ones for the meter my husband bought for me. I am hoping to receive forms from my husband's insurance so that we can be reimbursed. Nothing was covered.

Complaint about blood glucose testing supplies.

April 5, 2013

To the CVS/pharmacy staff:

I am having a rough day.  My doctor gave a new glucose meter to me, brand named-Freestyle Freedom Lite. My husband and I went to CVS for the test strips and were told they weren't covered by my husband's insurance; it would cost $126 for 100 test strips.  My husband hit the ceiling, we left CVS with no test strips.  CVS gave us a paper that said that brands Accu-Check and Ultra are supposed to be covered by the insurance. Trip ONE.

The next day, I called his insurance company.  They said they would reimburse 90% of the cost for the strips if we filled out paperwork each time for our out-of-pocket purchases of them.  I told my husband that if he didn't want to pay for the Freestyle strips, I would need a different brand glucose meter.  My husband went to CVS and purchased a glucose meter-brand named One Touch Ultra Mini.  This type of meter was supposed to be covered by his insurance according to CVS. It appears on the receipt that he paid for the meter, not his insurance. He had to pay for the lancets (not covered by the insurance per CVS) and he was told to tell my doctor to prescribe the strips.  She had sent a prescription for lancets and strips, but the pharmacy said they didn't have her prescription-my husband came home. Trip TWO.

The next day I called the doctor and had her phone the prescription in again.  I went to CVS and picked up the test strips, they are not covered by the insurance.  I shelled out $64.79 cash. This morning I think I will be able to start testing.  My lancets don't fit the meter my husband bought.  I made a written complaint to CVS via e-mail. Trip THREE.

Trip FOUR will be to take it all back and have CVS make sure the test supplies match up to the product they sold to me. Why is CVS telling people that certain brands are covered by their insurance, but when the insurance card is presented, it is not covered? Secondly, are you checking to make sure that the lancets and test strips are for the actual meter the person is using? What am I to do with opened boxes? I never used my new Freestyle meter, but brought it to CVS to have it set up-the Freestyle Freedom Lite glucose meter. When we found out that the strips would be more than we could afford, we went home.

My recommendation is that you first tell the customer the costs of lancets and test strips before opening the box of a new meter. If they decide they can't afford that brand, it could be resold if purchased, or given as new to another person. I have an old meter which my doctor didn't want me to use, the Freestyle which I had CVS set up for me before finding out how much the test strips were (testing solution was used and one test strip), and now a new Ultra One Touch Mini.

I know it is easy to make a mistake, but the two things that gripe me are:
1. If you hand a form to me that says two brands are covered by my husband's insurance, I am expecting to be able to have this covered at CVS by my insurance card. If I have to process it through my insurance by filling out forms after pre-paying for it, I want to be told that is how I will have to do it, BEFORE it comes time to pay for it.
2. It would be simple to ask, “Will you need lancets and test strips?” and be given the price for them before purchasing a meter or setting up a new meter. We are going through vehicle repairs and my husband has a medical problem with his feet, so we are counting our pennies. Perhaps the costs for lancets and strips could be posted somewhere if they don't change that often.
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    Please forward your complaint letter to the FTC (https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.
    gov/ and write your congressman.

    This is one reason health care costs are so high. NO ONE wants to give the customer what he or she wants or needs. Insurence companies dictate your health and pharamies and doctors as well are not consumer driven---they are insurence driven.
    1837 days ago
    *hugs* Bless your heart! I'm glad you were diligent & didn't give up to find what is right for you, sweetie. Customer service is a thing of the past. Keep on keepin' on~ emoticon BB~ emoticon
    1838 days ago
    let's hope some good comes of it, have you sent a copy to head office too?

    hoping you are getting that sugar under control a bit better too

    big hugs
    1838 days ago
    Love it!! More people need to take the time you did to make a difference ... Well done!
    1838 days ago
    I go to Walmart and get the glucose strips for 24 dollars )I believe for 100 (two boxes) , and I only buy the needles once and they give you about a hundred. I re-use them (since it is only for myself) until they cant prick me no more. I use a Accu-check meter and I egt them free every year from Accuchek; and if they get any more expensive I wont use them. I cant believe you paid so much for your glucose strips! (I know I used to get mine free from medicare, but after my insurance took over it, I now pay for them. So I know your frustration! And you are right, the pharmacy should tell you first if they are not covered by your iusurance. I know some are and some are not covered. But that cost is outrageous! Try walmart! To amke mine last longer I just sue them in the afternoon becasue I know when I egt tired I ahve a tendancy to eat more. But since I been taking cinnamon and cayenne pepper and ginger, my blood sugar has been no higher than 126 after a meal and after I had two mini candy bars! Hope things work out for you! But I would try Walmarts pharmacy. CVS and Rite aid is alway more expensive than Walmarts pharmacy medications and such. And its always more expensive in everything at Rite aid and CVS! I stopped going to Rite Aid after they charged me 106 dollars for one medication for my husbands! Now I get ALL of his medications for only $68 dollars for three months supply. I save a fortune going to Walmart! He takes 9 medicines! Most are no more than5 dollars for three months supply! Only two are mroe than that! It pays to shop around for medicines! Good luck. The strips are cheaper too and most insurances cover them! Good luck shopping arond. To go to Walmart all you have to do is when you get your next script, is to take it to Walmart and ask first how much they will cost and they tell you. But you will have to wait until the new script is filled. Susana
    1838 days ago
  • MACMOM57
    Sorry you are having such a hard time with this. That is just wrong. I try not to shop to much at the CVS near me. Hope you get it all figured out.
    1838 days ago
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