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You don't gain a pound!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

I was at work yesterday and this older woman came in who doesn't tend to say very nice things. She saw my boss and said "wow you just don't gain a pound do you?" and my boss said "well I have to work very hard at it". She does, she runs every morning and bikes or walks to work. I just love how ppl say such cocky things, like how do u know what anyone else goes through? Some people just feel like everything is against them and no one else. Actually no life generally sucks for everyone, it just sucks in different ways for everyone. There will always be highs and lows and u gotta just make the best of all of them.

Such example, I made great use of that HUGE candy 4 tier box my uncle gave me lol We rationed it and ate a little bit each night. I stayed in the 150's all week even with it around. I have a new friend on fitbit, he was a coworker of mine from 4 yrs ago. He has become my mortal enemy lol I get on and fitbit tells me he is 3k steps behind me and then Oh look he passed me by 5k! It's been kinda fun having someone to compete with I can keep up with or close to. Yesterday I did 22k steps and he freaking beat me! lol Oh well good to have a light under your arse once in awhile.

My coworker introduced me to this BBC show called Supersize Vs. Super Skinny that is on Youtube. When they pair a obese person up with a super thin person. Then they live together for a week and they eat opposite of what they normally eat lol This one I was watching the woman made the skinny guy this huge breakfast he couldn't eat half of and she got beans and hotdogs for breakfast then she didn't get to eat for 36 hrs. When her next meal finally came, he poured out a bag of skittles on her plate, when he was forced to eat and she watched the whole time lol Kinda turns into hungry heavy ppl verbally abusing skinny ppl who don't wanna eat. Such a strange show, not really anymore strange then biggest loser, watching ppl cry and throw up cuz their workouts are so rough. Yet to see anyone cry or throw up at the gym. My favorite part of this show is when they had a video of a voice from the USA of a really heavy woman. Which made the woman on the show cry, because she could turn into this woman from the US which would be horrible. Reality tv is so terrible!

I saw this article today about Truvia and how it's not really related to stevia at all.

So I need to throw away what I have in my house because it's complete crap. Gotta watch what you buy. There is also a link in there talking about splenda and why diet soda is bad. All the chemicals in it confuse the body and screw up your metabolism. So this why ppl think they are doing better drinking diet soda, yet arent losing weight. Your body is confused. Your better off drinking real soda and working it off, if it's worth it to u. Or buying the full fat version of anything, ice cream even. Buying the lighter version usually makes ppl feel deprived and they end up eating more in the end then they would have they bought the full fat version in the first place.

I had two photo shoots this weekend too to bulk up my portfolio. Both gym friends with babies. You get cute babies when you workout through your pregnancy emoticon

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    I try my best not to talk to anyone about their body size unless they themselves bring it up. Extremely bad manners-- I would put it on par with someone blowing smoke in your face.

    I too wish competition made me motivated, but it doesn't. Glad though that it pushes you!

    I still have the diet pepsi bad habit. Not as bad as before but I wish I didn't drink it at all. Sometimes I even want a normal Coca-Cola... omg so gooood. I usually feel better about drinking the normal coke, way more satisfying. Pure sugar-- but pure heaven too haha. I love those slushies from 7-11. Okay, thanks a lot, now I'm going to go buy myself a nice sugary sweet filled coke slushie, haha. :p

    Those pictures are beautiful by the way!
    1903 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/6/2013 11:06:07 PM
    It's weird but I have never gotten into competing with anyone. Even when I was heavily into sports I just did my personal best and didn't worry about what others were doing. I guess my parents didn't instill a competitive spirit in me. Come to think of it, neither one of them is that way. I would do terrible on something like the Biggest Loser. LOL.

    You are doing fantastic on the steps!!!!

    There is no way I could eat beans and hot dogs for breakfast or a plate of skittles. ewwwwww!!

    I can't stand the taste of truvia or stevia. I would just as soon do without. I like tea.

    I love the pictures! Such cute babies and you captured their personalities.
    1903 days ago
    Adorable baby!

    Yeah, I have a friend who is naturally thin - we were at a workshop, and they had cookies for a snack. I had two cookies, ate all of them. (we're talking home baked choc chip cookies, served warm!)

    Anyway - friend ate about half of one cookie. I said something about how she didn't finish. She said she ate the part she wanted, and she was fine.

    It was an epiphany!!!
    1903 days ago
    The thing about low fat or fat free foods isn't so much that people feel deprived, its that the fat is replaced with sugar so it's a fast burn. The fat is what keeps you satiated. Fat in itself isn't so bad for you, its when its paired with sugar or carbs that burn off so quickly so you don't get to burn the fat stores.
    1903 days ago
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